Printable New Years Goal Sheet (+ a Version For Bloggers!)

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It’s that time of year, friends! Posts recapping 2016 are popping up absolutely everywhere! Something I’ve noticed this year much more than last year is the fact that people really seem to be done with 2016. 

And I’m done with 2016. Really done. Haha. It’s been quite the year, and this past fall has thrown some curveballs I never would have anticipated or wanted, which unfortunately can make me feel like all of 2016 wasn’t great. But that’s not the whole story.

I don’t want to leave 2016 totally tinged with an attitude of resentment or bitterness. Despite some bumps and difficulties along the way, 2016 brought a whole lot of good things: great collaborations with companies for the blog, sweet times with new friends and old, the much-anticipated Europe trip, fun weeks in Kentucky with my man, Bjorn being elected mayor, and meaningful time with family.

There is much to celebrate from 2016, but also much to look forward to in 2017. 

Now that 2016 is practically over, it’s time to focus our attention forward and on what we can do to live healthy, productive, Christ-glorifying lives in 2017!

I’ve designed a fun, uniquely categorized worksheet to help you outline your New Year’s resolutions this year! And the special part – I have 2 versions available for both bloggers and non-bloggers!

The unique categories are as follows: DWELLING (home/house-related goals), ABIDING (faith goals), ENCOURAGING (friendship/relationship goals), EARNING/SAVING ($$), LEARNING (lifelong learning ideas/dreams), and THRIVING (health-related goals). 

Both worksheet versions include an OTHER category as well. One of the versions also has a category for Blogging.

Printable New Years Resolution Sheet- Just Bee

Just click on the preview photos below to download your free goal setting sheet!

New Years Goal Sheet – Blogger Version

You can also download this sheet by clicking here.

New Years Goal Sheet – Non-Blogger Version

You can also download this sheet by clicking here.

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I hope you enjoy utilizing your goal sheet as you anticipate the fresh start of this new year! May God bless you as you intentionally set goals to honor Him with things like productivity, finances, and relationships!

What’s your biggest, most meaningful goal you’d like to accomplish this next year?