Our Very Full But Very Joyful Memorial Day Weekend!


This past weekend absolutely flew by! Memorial Day weekends always seem to be quite busy for us every year…whether it’s a wedding weekend or a graduation. It’s just a really popular weekend! This year, we had both a wedding and a graduation we got to attend! (Plus an important ultrasound, plus planting our field!)

Bjorn’s sister Aeli graduated from Bethel University (in St. Paul) AND his cousin Katie got married! It all happened on the same day – but we managed to get to a good amount of each person’s celebration! It was such a special time.

But, let me back up a second: on Friday afternoon, Bjorn and I began the weekend with our 20-week ultrasound appointment! We received wonderful news – that Baby Olson is doing very well! More on that later in another post. 🙂

Aeli graduated Summa Cum Laude from Bethel with a double major in Physics and Chemistry, and she’ll be moving on to pursue her PhD in Wisconsin. We are so proud of her!

^^ Aeli with Grandma and Grandpa! ^^

^^ The grandparents and aunts with the graduate! ^^

^^ Aeli and her mom! ^^

^^ Cousins! ^^

It was also really neat to be back on Bethel’s campus…and this time, with our little baby bump in tow. I suppose it was our baby’s first college visit. 🙂 We have such great memories of being there for college – after all, it’s where Bjorn and I met!

^^ The lunch table where it all started… 🙂 Seriously. If you’ve read our love story, then you’re familiar with how we started eating lunch together at Bethel and became best friends! ^^

Then, from Bethel, we hurried over to Katie and Huy’s wedding. What a fun celebration that was! We were so busy that we didn’t snag a photo together, but I did grab a quick pic of the food that night! It was amazing!

^^ Doesn’t it look Food Network-worthy?? 10 points for amazing plating! ^^

We hadn’t been able to go to the ceremony that day, but it sure was special enjoying the reception and dancing with family that evening!

Bjorn began planting our field of soybeans this weekend as well. The weather here in Minnesota gave us such a headache leading up to this point, but finally everything fell into place and work got done! 🙂

^^ Handsome husband loading more seed in the planter <3 ^^

For so many reasons, this year’s Memorial Day weekend was a blessed time to celebrate many joyful new seasons!! 🙂

How was your Memorial Day weekend? Was it super busy, or more low-key? Either way, I hope you had a good one!

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  1. I tried to send this to your Grandee just to see if it would work! I think maybe it did! I know she’s excited about her first great grandbaby on the way! It’s exciting for me too. I think it may be a long time before I get one of my very own! 🙂

    1. Hi Janean! I emailed my grandma yesterday morning with some recent updates but I can also send the blog link her way! It will be very exciting to have a great grandbaby in the family! 🙂

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