Our Summer In Numbers!

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I did a post like this for our first year of marriage and it was so fun! I know numbers can’t fully describe everything, but sometimes it is fun to get a little snapshot using only quantities! 🙂 Plus, this acts as a little life update as well.

Here’s what this crazy summer has looked like for us, in numbers.

Summer 2016, In Numbers:

41 // total days we spent away from home this summer

3 // countries visited in July

4 // flights in July

12 // cost in dollars of the airpot’s Dramamine that saved my sanity (who knew, after traveling to Cambodia and more over the years, that I’d get motion sick on this trip?!)

0 // number of bags the 4 of us checked on the way to Europe (woo hoo!!!)

0 // days spent in a hotel in Europe (thanks to Airbnb!)

14 // days we spent in Europe (see the breakdown, city by city, on our itinerary!)

77 and a half // hours per week Bjorn was farming in June once school got out

seriously. this guy is a hunk. 🙂

2 // weeks spent together at Fort Knox in Kentucky for Bjorn’s army training

7 // states driven through in August


2 // nights spent camping

5 // number of historic mansions we toured near Nashville – in 1 weekend!

15-20 // average number of miles we walked per day in Europe

1 // riots witnessed – well, experienced – in Europe (that’s why we didn’t do the Eiffel Tower – read the story here!)

10 // on a scale of 1 to 10, how much we enjoy using Airbnb (here’s why you should too)


26 // battlefields, museums, and memorials visited in Europe in a 2-week span!

2 // new scarves I came home from Europe with

0 // people who believed I was actually French at local supermarkets in France (whoops – I chatter too much to my husband when we wait in line!)

510 // length in feet of the life-size Noah’s Ark we toured in Kentucky! We loved going to Ark Encounter!

1 // car accidents we were in (someone hit us and our truck had to go into the shop for a week while we were in Kentucky! It wasn’t our fault so his insurance paid 100% of the $3,000.) — poor Cliff (Clifford the Big Red Truck). 🙁

11 // live webinars I’ve attended this summer on photography, blogging, and more! (never stop learning, friends!)

4 // days I DIDN’T go to Starbucks during our 2 weeks in Kentucky (whoops…told you I love the coffeeshop vibe!)

2 // times we’ve seen a skunk IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD and more specifically, NEAR OUR FRONT YARD. Yikes!

2 // content souls, happy to be at home but our hearts are full of great memories!

Now, it’s your turn! I’d love to hear some fun numbers from your summer!



  1. What a fun way to sum up your summer!! I love Airbnb as well! My husband and I are using an airbnb home for our 1 year anniversary in Lake Tahoe in October and I have used airbnb for San Fran, NYC, Paris, and Nice. Such a great way to travel and feel like one of the locals!

    1. It totally is! I bet Airbnb was so fun in those larger cities like NYC and San Fran, too!! It’s always fun to hear about how others liked Airbnb too! Thanks for reading along, Elle 🙂

    1. Yes, definitely!! I love how easy it is to filter results to your location, budget, and even if you want just a room or the whole house to yourself! 🙂

  2. I love this Hannah, especially the last line! 🙂 But mostly I just came to tell you how much I LOVED your segment on the Simplify Everything podcast. I’ve been following along your travels because I actually did a very similar trip this summer (northern France, Belgium, Paris, England, etc) and it’s been fun to see you experiencing the same things but in a different way. But I really loved hearing about all of your and Bjorn’s takes on modern conveniences as well as your dream of your little house you’ll build someday. Anyways, I just wanted to let you know I enjoyed it and I can’t wait to keep up with your blog more and more!

    1. Hi Allie! I am so touched that you came across my blog and enjoy it! That means a lot to me – I love hearing when what I’ve written has been fun or encouraging to someone else! 🙂 Wow! Your trip WAS quite similar to ours! That is so neat! What made you pick those locations to travel to? (Since ours was history-related) I’m so glad you liked hearing me on the Simplify Everything podcast. Blair and her blog are so awesome so it was really fun to connect with her in that place! 🙂 I am so happy to have you here, Allie – thanks for reading along!!

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