Our Summer Garden

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summer garden

Our garden has been one of my favorite things this spring and summer! Bjorn and I teamed up with my in-laws to plant and harvest a massive garden (like, almost the size of a community garden 🙂 ) over at their farm place this year. Bjorn lovingly raised countless young plants from seeds and nurtured them indoors when it was still too cold outside. The baby plants lived right next to the desk where I breathed my prayers and read my Bible every morning. They were definitely part of our lives before they even made it into the ground!

garden planting

I should clarify that Bjorn is the one with the green thumb. The cacti table you’ve seen in past posts is exclusively his. I am a huge plant appreciator but I usually ask my husband to remember to water them for me. 😉

indoor plants

So it makes sense for me to admit I’ve never been the biggest gardener or extremely dedicated to weeding (or remembering to pick things) so I know I let a few veggies go (and go and go – check out those yellow zucchini!). But even just having a garden has been such a huge blessing, in terms of soaking in time spent with the Creator and in His creation. I submit that there is nothing quite like spending a quiet evening at sunset in a huge garden, in the shadow of a beautiful red barn, with only crickets and farm cats to keep you company. It’s honestly a priceless experience. I wish each of you could teleport through your computer screen right now and come spend a perfect, peaceful evening with me in rural Minnesota among these fields and underneath a golden sunset-sky.


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  1. Wow! So huge! I love it. This is the best season when everything is ripe for the picking. Also, is that a new welcome image of you on the left? Maybe I just pass by it every time if it isn’t, but I LOVE IT! You look great!

    1. Thank you, Laura!! Yes, it is a new picture! I’ve never gotten professional shots like that before but we did it as part of an anniversary shoot recently 🙂

      This is definitely such a fun time of year for gardens! All of our hard work (okay, at least with starting the plants) is paying off! I loved hearing about your place’s community garden concept, too – that sounds just wonderful!

  2. this is awesome! I’d really like to start a garden of some sort when Josh and I move to texas, but I’m not sure how gardening works in the desert. I’m going to look into it though! haha 🙂 must be nice being able to grow your own food!

    1. That sounds so fun, Anna! I’m not totally sure how gardening works in Texas…although I did live there for 3 years as a kid and Mom had sunflowers, parsley, and rosemary in our garden! So I bet you’ll have some fun options! That sounds like an exciting move!

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