Our Simple Fall Decor

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I’m going to tell you right away: even though I’m writing a post about fall decor, our Christmas tree is definitely up in the living room already! 🙂 We decided to set it up early this year, along with our other Christmas decor, because baby boy could come any day and then life will be just a little bit more busy! 😉

Anyway, Thanksgiving still isn’t for a couple of weeks, and it is still technically fall! We may have snow on the ground here in Minnesota, but I’ve been enjoying all the fall things as much I can! Over the past couple months, we’ve had those beautiful days of crisp cooler air, cups of white hot chocolate from Caribou, and deliciously crunchy leaves to stomp through!

Sweet girl wanted to pose with her horses 🙂

In our almost 6 years of marriage, I’ve never been really into decorating for fall… mostly because I didn’t know what look I was going for! I also didn’t want to clutter up our small home with random fall items I found. Fall feels like a short-lived season around here, even though it’s a special one and fun to celebrate. What motivated me to actually decorate for fall this year was the fact that we were throwing a horse-themed birthday party for Sophie in October, and therefore some rustic or fall touches would fit perfectly with the party theme!

I finally have a more solidified “style” when it comes to fall decor, despite not having a good name or label for it! I went with creams and burnt oranges, and I incorporated different textures to go with the cozy factor of this season. I did a lot of searching online until I found the exact items I was looking for; I wanted to be especially intentional instead of just buying whatever looked cute in the moment.

The fall decor has been concentrated in just a few more distinct corners of our home, instead of sprinkled throughout. I focused on decorating some of our main living areas, or areas that we saw the most, so that our eyes would land on the cute decor more often! 🙂 And I wanted it to be in places that guests would notice when they came over as well.

Sometimes when you’re doing a photo shoot, a cute little 2-year-old wants to be in a few pictures herself! I was happy to oblige! She was enjoying one of her birthday cards here. 🙂

I will link as much of the fall decor for you as I can find. Much of it was purchased online from T.J.Maxx and Michaels. Any Amazon links are affiliate. Thanks, as always, for reading and supporting my blog!

Living Room:

Resin “Hello Fall” Pumpkin from T.J.Maxx // I love how simple this pumpkin looks – the “Hello Fall” doesn’t seem to take away too much from the other decor. This one is super similar and gorgeous since it says “Bless This Home.” This one has a pretty “Welcome” design, but even the more plain cream resin pumpkins like this one are lovely as well!

Set of 6 Velvet Pumpkins from T.J.Maxx // Simple, but a pretty color and I love the velvety texture for fall! I didn’t know if I’d display these in a bowl or something, but I ended up just arranging them around the picture frame on this table, and it turned out really cute! Bonus: Sophie can touch them and play with them without me getting worried they’ll break! She knows right where to return them when she’s done “feeding” them to her stuffed animals. 🙂

Fall Leaves Micromink Sherpa Throw from T.J.Maxx // Unfortunately, I think this one is out of stock! But this one and this one are rather similar. This one (in a different color) is going to show up later in this post! Our sherpa throw looks more like this table runner‘s pattern. Either way, I highly recommend getting a cute sherpa throw and incorporating that into your seasonal decor! It’s such an easy way to bring in some holiday cheer, and they’re cozy, too. Plus, they’re usually not that expensive! (We have one for our Christmas decor as well!)

Gather Pumpkin Throw Pillow Cover from Amazon // This is under $9 at the moment! I think it was when I got it, too! It’s super cute. I actually zipped the cover right on top of our winter pillow! 🙂 It may not seem like one pillow can make a difference, but I loved the feel it gave our whole living room when you walked through the front door!

Piano Room:

This is the other half/other side of our living room; it’s a large open space but still has that separate feel. We just refer to it as the piano room.

“Happy Harvest” Ceramic Tabletop Container from Michaels // This is made by the Ashland brand. They have a lot of cute things like these ceramic bottles that spell out the word “FAITH.”

Yellow & Orange Strawflower & Heather Mixed Bush from Michaels // This faux flower arrangement is also made by Ashland. They have a lot of pretty fall options with rich jewel-toned colors like this one and this one. I’m not great with arranging flowers (or keeping real ones alive, ha!) but I did want just a little bit of florals in my fall decor. This turned out to be the perfect decision, and the little arrangement fit well in my “Happy Harvest” container!


Harvest Moon Pumpkin Throw from T.J.Maxx // I bought this when it was offered in gray & white as well, but the orange option is really cute, too! I love the simple pumpkin design. It definitely looks “harvesty” without being overkill, which is my style. 🙂 I’ve been draping it across our master bed; it gives our room a touch of fall without going all-out!

Cleaning/Household Products:

Let’s not forget about another element of celebrating the changing seasons: our sense of smell! 🙂 As a stay-at-home-mom and the one who does the majority of the cooking and cleaning, I’m washing dishes a ton and using spray cleaners, hand soaps, etc. a lot during the day. It may seem silly, but honestly, using special, seasonal scents makes me so happy! If you’re the kind of person who notices these little things throughout the day, I’d really recommend incorporating autumn scents into your fall decor! I believe it adds a lot to the overall feel of your home! Here’s exactly what I buy (I have certain scents I like for each product):

Mrs. Meyer’s All-Purpose Cleaning Spray in “Acorn Spice” from Target // There are a couple limited time fall scents out there, but I have found “Acorn Spice” to be the PERFECT scent to use throughout the house! It’s not overwhelming, but it’s got that lovely cinnamon/fall type smell to it. I like to use it to spray down our kitchen table especially, but it also smells so good when I use it to freshen up a few surfaces in our living room!

Mrs. Meyer’s Dishsoap in “Apple Cider” from Target // I love apple-scented anything! This scent has been so nice as a dishsoap!

Hand Soap from Target // I really like having the “Acorn Spice” Hand Soap in the kitchen, and the “Apple Cider” Hand Soap in the bathroom!

Well, there you have it! Our fall decor may have transitioned to Christmas decor around here, but these are the pieces I’ve been loving this season!

Do you decorate for fall and Thanksgiving? What pieces do you like to have around your home this time of year?