Our New Family Growth Ruler (+ a promo code!)

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I’m so excited about today’s post! I’ve been looking forward to sharing this one with you! 🙂

I’m one of three children, and while we were growing up, my mom kept a growth chart ruler hanging in our bathroom to mark down our heights. It is so neat to look back over the years and see how little we once were! It’s such a precious keepsake to have around, especially after the kids grow up and move out! Ever since Sophie was born, I’ve been wanting a similar growth chart ruler in our home, so that we can keep track of Sophie’s growth (and any future children we may have). I see these rulers as part pretty decor and part keepsake, because the little ones running around in our homes in these early years won’t always be so little! (Sniff!)

When Janet from Wild Grace Designs said she’d like to work with me, I was thrilled! These growth chart rulers are among the prettiest I’ve seen for this sort of keepsake, and I’m excited to tell you a little more about the shop, AND offer you a special promo code if you’re looking for a ruler for your family, too!

About Wild Grace Designs

Wild Grace Designs is an Etsy shop run by Janet and her husband, Thomas. They live in Wichita, Kansas, with their two kids. They opened their Etsy shop just less than 2 years ago! It all started when Janet came across a bunch of old wood and knew she could make something beautiful out of it. She’d always had a knack for designing so she decided to make a few small signs for inside their home, and before she knew it, people were asking where the signs came from! Thomas started nudging Janet to make the sign making idea into a business and after a while, she took the leap! (I’m so glad she did; these signs are all so beautiful!!)

Fast forward almost 2 years and their house has signs lined up in the hallways ready to be packaged, the kids’ playroom has been transformed into the Wild Grace Designs office, and Thomas is always helping to cut, stain, paint, and package all the signs. Janet says: “We are beyond thankful for our neighbors who put up with all the loud noises in the evenings, haha! I am the one that designs, paints, manages the shop, interacts with our customers, and all the other odds and ends it takes to run a business. I work as much as I can throughout the day with the kids running around, but the evenings are our main sign making times! Praise the Lord for routine and early bedtimes (am I right, fellow mommas?!). Every day, we feel incredibly humbled and blessed that we get to do this sign making thing together every day.”

What a neat background story! I just love hearing how small businesses and Etsy shops get started, and it’s wonderful hearing people’s heart behind their business!! It honestly makes me want to “shop small” more and more!

About Their Products

Wild Grace Designs has quite a variety of signs in their shop. One of their biggest sellers are their growth rulers, which are all customizable! They have family growth rulers where you can put your family’s last name on top, or rulers where you can put your individual kids’ names at the top. (They are also working on some rulers where the names will be along the side of the growth ruler instead of the top.)

A lot of their other signs are customizable, and they make amazing wedding and baby shower gifts. Their baby name signs are incredibly popular too.

Our Growth Chart Ruler

I’m in love with the look and feel of this ruler! Isn’t it gorgeous? (You know I’m a sucker for gray and white, so I just had to select the distressed white option with gray text. 🙂 You can choose your family name or even your child’s name for the top of the ruler, but I just couldn’t get over how sweet the phrase “Loved Beyond Measure” is, so I went with that option as well.

Growth Ruler Promo Code!

Wild Grace Designs is generously offering you a special promo code! Use the code JUSTBEE15 to get 15% off a growth chart ruler!! The code will expire on January 31, 2019. It will only work for the growth rulers (both the family name one and kid’s name one).

Janet says: “Wild Grace Designs is currently designing more signs to add to the shop, so make sure to follow us on Instagram (@wildgracedesignsco) to be the first to see all the new things and to see the daily chaos that happens in our home as I stay at home with our kids and attempt to run a business!” 🙂

**Reminder: Wild Grace Designs reopens today, December 26!!! Head on over to their lovely Etsy shop and check them out! Don’t forget to use your new growth ruler promo code!!

Did you have growth charts when you were growing up? How do you like to record your children’s milestones over the years?