Our day at Versailles


Our first full day in Paris, we spent time seeing the French Army Museum, which was really impressive!! But… I’ve got the most photos from our day at Versailles, which was our second (and last) full day in Paris before renting a car and road-tripping. So today I’ll be sharing photos from Versailles!

Our Day at Chateau de Versailles:


^^ getting super busy already! ^^



^^ so much gold! stunning in the morning light! ^^

We got mostly packed up in the morning at our Airbnb and left for the train that took us pretty much straight to Versailles. It was crazy busyΒ already, though we had arrived early that morning (it was a Tuesday and Tuesdays are one of their busiest days). Even though I had our printed tickets ready to go, we still had to join a line with a bunch of other people who had planned ahead the same way. πŸ™‚




We loved our day at Versailles. Versailles was built by King Louis XIV and is incredibly extravagant!

For me, it was my second time visiting it and I was still so impressed by its size and beauty! We definitely were herded through in a huge mass crowd, so if you don’t like to be super close to a lot of other tourists, it may not be the place for you! πŸ™‚ An audio guide tour was available as part of our ticket price, so that really added to our enjoyment and learning while there.



^^ caught being an expert tourist! πŸ˜‰ ^^


The queen’s apartments were closed for construction so we didn’t have as much to tour inside the palace.


^^ no big deal – just having lunch in the backyard of a palace πŸ˜‰ ^^

Signe and I split up from the guys for a bit and we found lunch outside behind Versailles at a food cart overlooking the gardens. We enjoyed a lunch of baguettes stuffed with delicious brie cheese and lettuce…plus a hazelnut macaron! (We couldn’t be in France and not try a macaron!) We sat and ate on the back steps of the palace.


^^ the view from the back of the palace towards the gardens ^^



Once we met up with Bjorn and Steve again, we began to walk ALL the gardens!! The gardens at Versailles are remarkably extensive so it took us hours, but it was a beautiful day and now we can say we definitely got to see it all! πŸ™‚





It was the musical gardens and fountain show season so we also got to see fountains set to classical music outside! Lovely classical music and operas were blasted from speakers throughout the larger gardens, which really added to the “high class” feel of walking the gardens.

We then walked down to the Trianon Palace and saw Marie Antoinette’s hamlet (she designed and had her own little farm “village” constructed, complete with animals!). Later on, we also got to see the palace Charles de Gaulle lived in.





We headed back to our Paris Airbnb, grabbed our luggage, and rode the train to the airport, where we rented our car to begin Phase 2 of our trip! Keep checking in on the blogΒ for photos and stories about what we did during the second, more road-trippy part of our trip. πŸ™‚



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