Our 2018 Christmas Cards (+ a promo code for you!)

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Can you believe it’s that time of year already?! While I may not be a fan of the bitter wind and gray, snowy skies, I have to admit it – I’m excited for the holiday season. We already have our tree up because I wanted our daughter to get as much Christmas-y enjoyment out of the decor as possible! And we’ve already been dancing to our Christmas playlist this week as we make supper. 🙂 After all, when the temperature is down in the 20s and teens here in Minnesota…I feel like the Christmas season’s officially here!

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One of my very favorite parts of this season is when our minds turn to holiday cards! I just adore sending and receiving Christmas cards. Honestly, getting a Christmas card in the mail makes my day every single time! (So, no worries there – if you send me a card, it’s so appreciated!) Every year, I tape up the cards we receive on the big white closet doors in our kitchen. It’s so fun spending the weeks that lead up to Christmas seeing our friends and family smiling at us from their cards, and (hopefully!) getting to read life updates from them in letter form, too! I’m all about writing a Christmas letter each year; it’s something my immediate and extended family did when I was growing up, and I think the letter is a dying art that really needs to stick around! Maybe I’ll blog more about that later. 😉

We got our holiday cards from Artifact Uprising this year. Have you heard of them? You may have heard about Artifact Uprising when it comes to high-quality photo books (they’re seriously so beautiful!) but they have a large selection of stunning holiday cards as well!

Artifact Uprising’s 2018 Holiday Card Collection has over 100 designs to choose from, and 5 foil colors, too! The neat thing? Each card design is printed on 100% recycled paper. I really enjoyed the whole process of selecting our cards this year; it felt like every design was unique, special, and just plain classy – I kept thinking to myself how perfectly “clean” and minimalistic many of the designs were, but so high-quality at the same time! There were just so many elegant designs in their holiday collection!

I narrowed our cards down to maybe 14 choices, which was really hard to do…and then down to 4 options before I showed Bjorn and got his opinion on them! 🙂 We ended up going with a classic-feeling card with a simple message in soft script. I love it! And the cards are even more gorgeous in person. (We have two photos on the back of our cards as well!) They’re printed on thick card stock (recycled paper, too!) and they have a luxurious feel. I’m so pleased with them, and so glad we went with Artifact Uprising this year!

Of course, I (really, really) wish I could send every one of you a card. Actual snail mail. How fun would that be?! But since that can’t logistically happen, this post is the next best thing. I’m glad I got to share our 2018 Christmas cards with you a bit early! 🙂

PS – even though I can’t technically send every one of you our holiday card… if you send us yours, it’ll be so appreciated, and if we have an extra, we’ll try to mail ours to you! 🙂 If you’re interested, my address is: PO Box 441, Elmore, MN 56027.

Artifact Uprising Coupon Code

As a special gift to you, I’ve got an Artifact Uprising promo code so that you can get your own holiday cards from them as well…at a discount!

Get 20% off your purchase at Artifact Uprising with the promo code SPREADCHEER if you purchase before December 7th! 

Definitely take a few minutes and peruse the 2018 Holiday Card Collection – you won’t be disappointed!

Do you send a holiday card every year? Do you enjoy receiving them, too? Any fun ways of collecting and displaying them over the holiday season?