Our 1st Anniversary Photos

Bjorn and I have been married for a year and a half now! That blows my mind. In a way, it feels as though we’ve been married forever – but mostly, I can’t believe it’ll be two years of marriage come March! 🙂 We had special photos taken by the lovely and amazing Hannah Elise Photography this summer to mark our 1st anniversary.

It’s a special season for us: it’s been a unique time spent building a life together just the two of us – living in a rental home, no kids, few expenses, working hard, playing hard – just a whole lot of saving and learning together and traveling and laughter! 🙂 Growing up, Bjorn and I always wanted to fall in love with and marry our best friend – and it came about in the most amazing way (you can read our love story to hear more details). We are so grateful that God blessed us with this marriage relationship and we are savoring this special season! I shared a sneak peek at these anniversary pics in my Brass dress post but today I’m excited to share more of them. Looking through these photos fills me with such joy! Hannah did a phenomenal job. It was a special, fun day and it was so worth it (check her out if you’re anywhere near Iowa!)!

Olson-91 cropped copy

Olson-83 copy

Olson-94 copy


Olson-79 copy



Olson-93 cropped copy

Olson-74 copy

Olson-68 copy

Olson-57 copy

Olson-48 copy

Olson-65 copy

hannah bjorn pic 2 copy 2

Olson-47 copy

What special occasions do you like to celebrate with pictures? Have you done an anniversary shoot before?






  1. That’s so fun! These pictures are beautiful! My parents have had pictures taken of our family every year since they were married. I always love looking through the album and seeing how much our family has grown. So when Daniel and I got married, we decided to continue on the tradition! Now we have pictures for our first and second anniversaries! I know we’ll treasure them forever. -Jenny

    1. Thank you! Those yearly pictures are such a wonderful idea, Jenny! Now I’ll just have to get my husband loving the idea! 🙂 I love that you and your husband have been doing the pictures every year so far! It will be so fun to look back on!

    1. Yes! Thanks, Amy! I started ordering a few of the best ones and getting them up on the walls of our place! It’s fun to get them printed and up, too! 🙂

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