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Hi friends, and happy Friday!! Although I guess it doesn’t really feel like Friday around here, since we’re still on Christmas break from school. 😀 I’m knee-deep in denial that school starts up again on Monday…this time off has been a much-needed, wonderful break!

I’m jumping back in with the “5 on Friday” link-up with September Farm and The Farmer’s Wife – it’s been a while!

Today I’m sharing 5 posts – some recent, some not – that I just plain love! There’s something so special about how blogging brings people together and forms a community. Some of these bloggers I’ve been in touch with and others I’ve just admired from afar…but all in all, one of the most rewarding parts of blogging is the community it creates! It was hard to choose only 5 favorites! So seriously, stop by these gals’ blogs and check them out.

5 Posts I Just Love:

1. Houseguests Extraordinaire – Camp Patton


Camp Patton has been one of my favorite blogs for a long time. She. Is. Absolutely. Hilarious. I seriously want to meet Grace in real life. If you had an interesting houseguest experience of your own this winter break, then you just have to check out this post! She’s hoping someone can top their mishaps 😉

Oh, and if you want to roll on the floor laughing at the things her daughter says, you’ll have to read one of Camp Patton’s Julia Styles posts. You won’t be disappointed. 🙂

2. Earl Grey Shortbread Cookies – Simplicity Relished

a picture from when I made them 🙂

My blog friend, Daisy, has such beautiful, thoughtful posts – I always love stopping by her blog to see the newest thing she is thinking about, learning about, creating, or baking!

I am such a tea lover, I just HAD to try these Earl Grey Shortbread Cookies! They were so delicious. Even my husband, who isn’t a big tea drinker, really enjoyed them. What a neat idea! So, whether or not you consider yourself to be a tea person, I highly recommend these classy, elegant cookies! 🙂

3. A Gingerbread Farm – My Name is Yeh


Molly Yeh (pronounced “yay”) just may be my ultimate inspiration for food photography!! She is a gifted writer, recipe artist, and photographer. It is so fun to read along as she partakes in adventures on their Grand Forks, ND farm, as well as super yummy and photogenic adventures in the kitchen! 🙂 This gingerbread farm she created is so precious.

4. Six Steps to Convince Your Husband You Need a Puppy – The girl who loved to write.


 The title of her post drew me right in 🙂 I just love Chelsea’s writing style. She is gifted and so funny! Since my husband and I plan to get a dog, I think these tips will definitely come in handy! 😉 Also, you’ve got to read this post because they have the cutest little dog ever – Gatsby.

5. Don’t Edit Your Story – Wonderfully Made Blog

I honestly don’t remember how I came across this post…but if it was you who recommended it to me, thank you!! It really struck me with its honesty and wisdom. If you’re a writer, this will really resonate with you, but this article would be good for ANYONE to read!!

A quote:

“We see our rough draft life; laden with mistakes, mishaps, and failures. We see weeks, months or even years that need to be deleted. But– that’s a lie. Far too often our stories are so meticulously edited and cleaned up that they are rendered ineffective because they are no longer real. And sometimes, our stories are never told; because we feel they are never finished or never ready. …

As hard as this may be to believe, as hard as this is to hear, you need to know that if you are in Christ– God has a purpose for your story. The unedited version. Are you willing to discard the attempts of cleaning up your story and display the rough draft instead? Rough drafts bring glory to God whereas edited stories bring glory to the person.”

So, so wise. I will take this to heart as I live out my 2015 Word of the Year, “Content.”

What links are you loving recently?? I’d love to hear!

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