October Recap

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Time for another personal life update! I’ve been loving these “recap” posts as a means to journal a bit more on the blog. October was quite the month! I’m a few days behind but here is October’s recap post!

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October Recap:

Of course, the best part of October 2017 by FAR was the fact that we finally welcomed our sweet little girl into the world! So that’s what makes October 2017 stand out so much in our minds!

Solveig Brynn (“Sophie” for short) is the most darling little being we’ve ever seen. Bjorn and I are absolutely smitten and we love her so much! We are adjusting to life with a newborn – in some ways, it’s a pretty steep learning curve! – and getting used to being a family of 3!

We are so happy, though, and we’re loving all of the newborn cuddles! (She is quite the cuddle bug.) It is crazy that Sophie is already 3 weeks old today! Where has the time gone?! You can read our announcement post here.

Our families have been amazing, providing us with so much help during this big life transition!! We seriously can’t express our gratitude enough. Everyone has been so helpful, with things like holding Sophie (so I can shower!), straightening the house, doing dishes, and so on. And having my mom stay with us for good stretches of time has been SUCH a blessing to Bjorn and me in these first weeks with our baby girl. Having support like this surrounding us has made a huge difference for us.

With Bjorn back at work teaching, Sophie and I are finding our new routine bit by bit – as much of a true routine as you can have with a newborn! 🙂 There are so many sweet, special moments and I’m treasuring this time with my baby girl.

Sophie arrived around harvest time, so we had to get our soybeans out of the field, but Bjorn’s dad and sister graciously and thoughtfully took care of that for us! We are very grateful that they conquered the harvesting of our beans so that Bjorn could focus on being Daddy in the hospital with Sophie and me during those days. Thank you, Stephen and Signe, for all of your work!

On our way home from the hospital, Sophie got to experience her first farming errand! We needed to help pull something with our pickup truck for just a couple minutes, so we snagged a quick photo of Sophie with her farmer daddy out in the field! 🙂

Although I’m not a big fan of Halloween in general, I did want Sophie to have a fun little costume for her 1st Halloween. I got her a little elephant costume for $6 on Kidizen.

^^ Gotta love our [ad] Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock! It saves so much room in our cart! ^^

We didn’t go trick-or-treating in our neighborhood since it was cold and she is so new, but Sophie and I did run errands with her Auntie Signe, and Sophie wore her costume (well, just the ears) at the grocery store. We also stopped by the library, where we got a free book! 🙂

That’s pretty much the main recap of our month of October! We are so thankful for the arrival of our healthy baby girl – we love her so much. I look forward to sharing more updates about her in the future!

How was your month of October? Was it a busy one? 

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