My Top 5 Favorite Apps

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A few of the iPhone apps I use daily!


This one goes without saying for a blogger… It’s such a great way to keep all the blogs you follow in one place, and having Bloglovin’ on my phone allows me to pop in and get updated on my favorite blogs while I’m on the go!


InstaSquarer allows you to upload photos to Instagram that are not the typical Instagram square shape. There are a few other apps very similar to this one, but I’ve found I like this one the best. Once I edit a photo, it only takes me a few seconds to use InstaSquarer to get that non-square photo up on Instagram. I love it because it literally gives me the freedom to think “outside the box.” 🙂


Bjorn and I use the envelopes feature of this app to keep track of our personal spending money, as well as our grocery budget and our gas/fuel costs. I love how it syncs between our 2 iPhones when we enter an expense, so we can immediately see how much grocery money is left, even if we’re not together right then.


I can’t speak highly enough of this app. I use it to edit all of the photos I take on my phone. I know Instagram has added more filter options to diversify photo looks, but the more picky tweaks that VSCO Cam allows me to do are just perfect! My favorite initial filters, before I edit other parts of a photo? F2, A5, A6, HB1, and C1.


My friend Emily told me about this app a while back! I already was loving the little Notes feature on my phone to keep track of my lists and thoughts, so I wasn’t sure I’d fully get into Evernote. I was wrong, though! Evernote is a note-taking account that syncs between your computer and your phone. I love how I can jot down a note or grocery list on my computer earlier in the day, and then later on when I’m out and about, I can refer back to that same note on my phone! I highly recommend giving Evernote a try.

What are your favorite apps? Are there any you feel you can’t live without? 



  1. I love all of these suggestions! VSCO is definitely my favorite for editing!
    And- the budget one sounds like it could be super helpful 🙂

    1. I agree, Amy! VSCO is awesome. 🙂 And the budget one is really nice because it keeps my husband and I accountable to not only our budget, but to each other! 🙂

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