My Poetry Journey (+ my poem “The Dock”)


In an effort to open up even more, like I mentioned in this post, today I wanted to share about something I love!

Something you may not know about me: I write poetry!

My Poetry Journey

The love affair began when I was in 2nd grade and won a little contest for an extremely short poem on “generosity.” 🙂 I can still remember terrified little me reading my 1-liner out loud at the city council meeting. At least I got a $50 savings bond out of it…Ha!

Then, a couple years later, a wonderful writer-in-residence worked with my 4th grade class on poetry – and I got a poem published in a book of students’ poems from around Minnesota. I still think I must’ve been a pretty moody 4th grader when I wrote an ultra-deep poem about the sun. 😉 It was special that I got to read it out loud at the Landmark Center in St. Paul!

The journey continued throughout my middle- and high-school years…I didn’t write poetry all the time, but every now and then, I was bit by the poetry bug again! It was so fun to fill notebooks about the most random things: nature, animals, and those deep thoughts that all teenagers have. Although I’m starting to think that deep thoughts are just part of who Hannah is. 🙂

And then I got to take a poetry writing class in college – an elective I had room for in my schedule. It was a blast and it really forced me to analyze and interpret poetry (and write it) on a whole new level! I got a poem about the painting “Starry Night” published in our university’s student publication, which was so fun!

Another reason I think I loved that class so much is probably because it was when I was falling in love with Bjorn — and being inspired and able to pour my thoughts and feelings into poetry was so freeing and a beautiful way to capture those moments in time, back when our relationship was new.

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This one, though, that I’m sharing today is still one of my absolute favorites. It hearkens back to all sorts of memories I have of my high school and growing up years.

A little background: whenever I got too stressed or overwhelmed or frustrated as a teenager, I loved to just hop on my bike and pedal furiously down the trails in the woods behind our neighborhood…all the way until I got to the lake. Once there, I’d push my bike out onto the T-shaped dock and just plop myself down, watching the water and breathing deep and praying until I felt my anxiety or frustration just melt away.

Needless to say, I think I needed that lake! It holds a beautifully dear place in my memory book. Here’s my poem about my memories of the dock:

The Dock

Snapshots flash before my eyes, dim but pleasant
Restless, but full
A progression.

A bicycle strewn in tall weeds and the brittle, yellow grass.
Muddy footprints pattering across the rough-hewn planks of wood
A walkway to peace
A quiet soul, come down mid-flight and
Perched on a bench, fragile
Wet water-sounds wake the dock, and rock
It back and forth, back and forth – a heartbeat lullaby
Breaths of thoughtful air come from somewhere deep and past my thoughts
As my mind tilts sideways to resign the worries of today
I give them
to the gray-soaked glass of the lake.

Do you write poetry? I’d love to read it!! Feel free to link to yours or include it below!


  1. Oh that was so beautiful. I love poetry so much. Reading that fills my heart up and kinda makes me wish I was studying English at college right now instead of Science!

    1. Aww, thank you so much, Megan! I’m so touched that you liked my poem. Putting poetry out there always feels like putting a bit of my soul out there. 🙂 And you can always write poetry no matter what you’re studying!! I was an education major and still felt drawn to poetry 🙂

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