My Peaceful Evening Playlist


Remember when I shared my peaceful midmorning playlist? I’ve been playing those songs all the time! Even the first 30 seconds of that playlist really gets me into a better mood – I feel more peaceful, more easy-going, more excited about the day. Music has always affected me deeply. Is music a big mood-changer for you, too?

Recently, I’ve been curating a more evening-specific playlist and I am loving it so much! I started with only a handful of songs and I’ve been steadily adding to it as I discover new songs that fit an evening vibe perfectly. I’m convinced that a peaceful evening routine sets the stage for a relaxing night’s sleep. I wanted to wait until I built up a longer list of songs before sharing them…which brings us to today’s post!

My peaceful evening playlist is now approximately 2 hours long – the perfect length for winding down in the evening before retiring to bed! 🙂 I hope you enjoy it as much as I have been!

My Peaceful Evening Spotify Playlist: