My Favorite People to Follow For Photography Inspiration

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Photography is one of my favorite hobbies! I’ve been snapping pictures of everything around me for as long as I can remember. Bjorn gave me my Canon camera for Christmas a couple years ago, and learning more about the art of DSLR photography has been such a joy! I know I still have so much to learn, but it is fun to look back at my older pictures and see how I have grown.

While I follow many blogs on Bloglovin’, there are several I follow particularly because I get such inspiration from their incredible photography! I wanted to share these sites with you in hopes of providing you with more inspiration in your photography as you capture life!

Here are just a few of my favorite people to follow for photography inspiration:

Rosemary Wild

This site’s creator and author, Mary Beth, captures life phenomenally! She is a photographer and had a blog called Annapolis & Company in the past, if that sounds familiar to any of you. I love how she captures people and how she photographs food and uses natural light. I’ve admired her for years! (She is also an amazing writer!)

rosemary wild copy

Molly Yeh

Her food photography, not to mention her farm life photography, is absolutely amazing! Also, she’s hilarious!


Summer Murdock

Summer is AMAZING. The movement, light, and soul in her photos is so tangible. I can’t say much more other than please, go check her out!! She is definitely one to follow on Instagram!

summer murdock copy

Gentri Lee

She has the coolest travel and adventure photos! I love following her on Instagram, too – wanderlusters, enjoy!

gentri lee copy

Yonder Farmer

I LOVE Jason’s Instagram account!! He and his wife have a farm in Texas called Yonder Way Farm. Besides his stunning pictures of farm life and family, Jason’s thoughts and reflections on life, marriage, and kids are so articulate and beautiful.

yonder way farmer copy

The Simple Cottage

I love this account. The family is restoring a 1930s house and they are all about the simple life!

the simple cottage copy

A Beautiful Mess

This wildly popular blog is run by 2 sisters. I love the passion  – and the fun – they maintain in their daily life! A Beautiful Mess is known for crisp, clear, bright images full of color!

Love Taza

I’ve followed Naomi’s blog for a looong time. Although I don’t do fashion-type posts much at all, it really is fun to see the joyful, playful way that she and her husband photograph family outfit posts (as well as daily life). So fun!

Hannah Elise

Hannah is an Iowa-based photographer and does such amazing things with light and movement!! It is so fun to see all of her family photography sessions. Hannah really captures kids’ and families’ connections in a cool, authentic way. She did our anniversary photos this summer and we absolutely love them!! 🙂

Olson-47 copy

I attribute much of my creative growth as a photographer to these people, although this definitely isn’t the entire list of all that inspire me! 🙂

Fellow photo-snappers, where do you get inspiration for your photography? Let’s have an inspiration party! Share your favorites below. 🙂



  1. I think it’s so awesome how you are into photography. Photographers always amaze me and you’ve chosen an incredible array of artists. I peeked over at their sties – and wow are their photos gorgeous and dreamy. Love the inspiration!

    1. Thanks, Gina! I’m glad they brought you some inspiration as well – that was my goal! 🙂 These artists really inspire me to become a better photographer. Creatives are awesome. 🙂

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