My Favorite Lighting for a Hygge-Filled Home (+ a promo code for you!)


If you read my post on bringing more hygge into your home, then you know I’ve been getting into hygge lately! (Actually, if you follow me on Instagram, you see a lot of little hygge moments every day – I’m just glad to finally have a word for this cozy state of comfort!) 🙂 Today’s post is sponsored by OttLite and…there’s a hefty coupon code, too – can’t wait to share that with you later on!

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A quick note on hygge, if you’re unfamiliar with the word: it’s a Scandinavian (specifically, Danish) term that describes a cozy sense of well-being. Pronounced as hoo-gah or even hue-gah, it’s one of those things that you most certainly know when you feel it, too! Imagine a quiet evening spent reading a book under a blanket, or chatting with friends and enjoying good food, while rain pours outside and you have candles on indoors: that’s some super ideal hygge right there! 😉

There are some good ways to bring hygge into your home, like I’ve talked about before, but today, we’re focusing on the element of lighting.

^^ The lamp pictured above is OttLite’s LED desk lamp from their Wellness Series! ^^

My Favorite Lighting for a Hygge-Filled Home:

For that true hygge feel, you definitely don’t want just an overhead light switched on. When it comes to hygge, multiple smaller lights are more ideal than one giant bright light on the ceiling. Invest in a couple smaller lamps, or move the lighting options around in your home to create cozy hygge-filled corners (a cozy nook is called a hyggekrog).

My favorite hyggekrog I put together recently is a corner of our bedroom where I have my OttLite floor lamp set up! If you haven’t heard of OttLite yet, they’re a wonderful lighting company that sells floor lamps, desk lamps, crafting lamps…you name it. I have an OttLite desk lamp in our guest room/office as well (isn’t it pretty??).

^^ The floor lamp pictured above is the Revive LED floor lamp, part of the new Wellness Series! ^^

Both of my OttLite lamps are from their Wellness Series, which features lamps as close to natural daylight as you can get!! These Wellness Series lamps are so great – the lighting is crisp and clear, and it truly does feel like natural daylight! 🙂 They’ve been proven to reduce eyestrain by up to 51%. I bought one of the Wellness Series lamps for my sis-in-law for Christmas. Needless to say, I’m a big fan! Lighting is so important during these long winter months in Minnesota, but regardless of where you live, I highly recommend you try an OttLite lamp!

Promo Code!

Ready for a deep discount? I’m so excited about this! OttLite is generously offering my readers a whopping 25% off your purchase with the code JUSTBEE (code expires June 30, 2019).

How fun is that?? Definitely head over to OttLite’s site to check out their lighting options, particularly the Wellness Series lights. These winter months can get so long, and healthy lighting is very important even as we move into spring.

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Where’s your favorite cozy corner in your home? What’s your favorite lighting at your place? I’d love to hear!