My favorite cake frosting trick

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I love baking – everything about it! There is something special about the entire process, from start to finish! I often choose overly ambitious recipes, something Bjorn’s working with me on (ha!), and two hours later find myself knee-deep in flour and dirty dishes and straining pureed berries (hypothetically). One of my favorite things to bake is cake. I go for the towering, triple-layer kind! 🙂

Last weekend, Bjorn and I had my parents over for an afternoon of food and conversation. 🙂 It also ended up being a belated birthday party for my husband, since he hadn’t seen my parents in January around his birthday! I decided to include a cake on the day’s menu, since…well…I don’t need much convincing that today is a good day to make a cake! 😉

It can be especially exhausting trying to assemble and frost this type of cake (but oh, is it fun!). So over the years, and with much-appreciated advice from my mother, I’ve ended up with a few tricks! Today I wanted to share with you my very favorite cake frosting trick!


How to NEATLY Frost a Cake for Display!

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While your cake layers are cooling, tear 4-5 narrow but long pieces of wax paper. Arrange the pieces in a square or pentagonal shape around the edge of your cake stand or the plate you’ll serve your cake on.

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Place your first layer very carefully on the cake stand, keeping it as centered as possible.

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Frost the cake! This can be messy, but you can proceed fearlessly because the wax paper will act as a forgiving safety net to catch any oopses.

look at that mess! 😉 I had frosting falling everywhere!

Once the cake is entirely frosted and decorated, gently ease the wax paper out from under the cake, one piece at a time.

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Take a damp paper towel and do any final touch-ups, wiping off any stray drops of frosting…and voila!! Now everyone thinks you painstakingly spent an hour frosting your cake! 😉



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