My Favorite Baby Products (Months 3 to 6)


Like I mentioned in an earlier post back when Sophie was just 3 months old, Bjorn and I have slowly been curating a collection of baby-related items that we’re really grateful we have! Some have been recommended to us or given to us, and we’ve found some on our own after research or randomly at the store, but each product in today’s post is a favorite of ours!

Today, I’m essentially continuing the post I wrote back when Sophie was 3 months old…but this time, we’re 3 more months down the road! So, it’s like I’m checking back in to report on what we still like and use. Some items are the same, and some are new additions now that we have a 6 month old!


Favorite Baby Products Months 0 to 3

Favorite Baby Products Months 3 to 6

Favorite Baby Products Months 6 to 9

I also wanted to say, there are a couple products mentioned in this list that are more geared towards me rather than towards Sophie, but they’re still baby-related or at least mama-related, so I’m including them anyway.

Of course, I feel the need to preface this by saying these are my personal findings and recommendations, and by no means do I want to imply you MUST have these things! Not everyone will feel they need these products, and not everyone will love them as much as we do. But we have loved them for our Sophie-girl so far. My hope is that these recommendations help you out, whether you’re a new mom, expecting, have friends with little ones, or if you wish to be a mom someday.

My Favorite Baby Products (Months 3 to 6)

1 // Sophie’s soft play cube! She loves this thing so much. There’s so much to play with! Each side of the cube has fun tabs or crinkly shapes or interesting flaps to lift up. And I love that it’s super soft for her to handle!

Soft books are kind of in the same category as her soft play cube. They’re perfect for her at this stage – no paper cuts, no permanent page-bending…just some early literacy concepts with fun flaps to play with!

2 // Her Bright Starts Activity GymIt’s on Amazon for less than $25. I really had debated whether or not to get her a play gym like this… I really liked those wooden ones that you see on Etsy, etc., but they were way more expensive than I wanted to splurge on. So, I compromised and decided to pay less and get one that wasn’t wooden. 🙂 I don’t regret it! Sophie has loved this play gym! The owl has a few songs that it plays if you squeeze it, and we actually like to hang all sorts of Sophie’s toys on the rings! I’d say it’s totally worth it. Oh, and the mat on the bottom has seen a couple diaper blowouts 😉 but it is super easy to dismantle the play gym and toss the bottom mat into the wash!

3 // Aubrey Gianna headbands! If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ve definitely seen Sophie wearing these headbands! I just love putting bows on her! She doesn’t pull them completely off just yet, so we’re getting a lot of months out of these! Aubrey Gianna’s Boutique is an Etsy shop with the most darling headbands! I love that they’re not as crazy pricey as some bows out there, but they are just as cute and they’re great quality, too. They have a good color selection; I bought a set of 5 (where you can choose your colors) and chose colors that are in most of Sophie’s clothing, so she’d have bows that match her outfits!

4 // Nuby teether. I call this her “Nuby,” even though that’s technically the brand name. This teether really helps to distract Sophie – it’s supposed to massage her gums and I think it’s both interesting and comforting for her to gnaw around on! And Nuby teethers come with a nice plastic case that snaps closed!

5 // Blanket with tabs. The tabs make the blanket really fun for Sophie to play with! She doesn’t sleep with anything but a pacifier in her crib at this point, but I could see this blanket potentially being a special blankie for her someday!

6 // Footed sleepers. Here in Minnesota, we’re just now easing our way out of a 6(?!) month stretch of winter/cold weather. So, Sophie was basically a winter baby and we’ve been utilizing cute footed sleepers every single day! You’ll have to judge whether or not these are practical for you where you live, but they’ve made life so much easier for us! Of course, I love dressing Sophie in other darling outfits, too, but our default cute-but-easy outfit is a footed sleeper. 🙂

I get the HUGE majority of Sophie’s clothing off an app called Kidizen – it’s a great place for moms to buy and sell new or used kids’ clothing and toys! You can get $5 for free with my referral link HERE.

7 // Her WubbaNub pacifiersThese are amazing! People are always exclaiming over how cute and practical these are! Sophie’s original WubbaNub was the giraffe one, but for Christmas Bjorn and I got her a fox WubbaNub, too! 🙂 WubbaNubs really help babies out because babies can kind of prop their hands in such a way that they hold the pacifier in! And at this point, Sophie can easily turn and grab her WubbaNub and put the pacifier in her mouth by herself! I even think the slight weight of the little animal is comforting to a baby as well.

8 // Sophie’s Halo Sleep SackSophie used to love being swaddled for nap time and bedtime, but we eventually had to transition out of swaddling because every time she woke up (in the middle or at the end of her naps), she busily worked at the blanket until she escaped it! 🙂 The sleep sack has been perfect for our little girl, who likes to sleep with her arms up in an “under arrest” position, but it still offers her snuggly comfort and warmth! I highly recommend a sleep sack! (Side note: if your baby still prefers to swaddle but you are trying to transition out of it, look into the Zipadee-Zip! It offers a lot of the same comforts as swaddling and it’s a bit more restrictive – a tighter snuggle – than a sleep sack.) We got our sleep sack on the Kidizen app for a great deal!

9 // Thick flannel blankets. Having several of these on hand (we got some as gifts) has been such a blessing! They can multitask as tummy time blankets or even as blankets to keep baby warm in a carseat or on a walk!

10 // An infant Bumbo seat. (This link will take you to a similar one – we like having one with a tray!) Sophie just loves sitting up in her Bumbo! We started putting her in it once she could hold her head up well and could sit with support. We use it every day: Sophie usually sits in the kitchen by me as I make supper in the afternoon, and she also sits in her Bumbo when it’s time for her to eat her cereal! We’ll eventually graduate to a highchair that we have, once she’s a bit bigger, but for now, it is really convenient to pop her in this infant seat. Plus, it’s super portable!

11 // Sophie’s Chicco Lullago Travel Crib. Sophie slept in this bassinet a lot overnight, initially! We always bring it when we visit my parents or go out of town. Eventually, we’ll have her sleep in her pack and play when we travel, but her bassinet has been just perfect for her for so many months! It folds up really well, too.

12 // Phone Tripod and RemoteThis is obviously more for me than for Sophie! But I’ve been working hard at getting in the frame with her more, because life is too short to stay out of precious photos with our kids! This is a great deal on Amazon, and it has resulted in some pretty fun photo sessions with my daughter!

13 // Baby Diaper BackpackI balked at getting a backpack diaper bag. (Bjorn will tell you this; he said to get one all along!) I don’t know why it took me so long to get on board with a backpack style, but boy, am I glad I switched! This diaper bag wasn’t too pricey at all (under $30!!), but it accommodates everything I need to have on the go! It’s not super massive, but I’ve found that helps me to pack just the essentials, with room for a couple more items! I love it!

14 // Baby K’tan Baby CarrierI know a lot of moms are great at tying different types of baby carriers, but I really struggled. Haha. And that’s okay! Enter: the Baby K’tan. It saved me! I wear Sophie in it at the grocery store or if I am going on a long walk with a friend and don’t have my stroller. The Baby K’tan is known as the “non-wrap” baby wrap, and it has been a blessing!! It’s so easy to put on, and it’s frustration-free for me. If you’re a new mom, please don’t get too discouraged when trying out different kinds of baby wraps. I recommend giving the Baby K’tan a chance!

15 // WaterWipesThese wipes are a great brand. I have sensitive skin, so I’ve been quite cautious with Sophie’s skin as well. WaterWipes have a couple awards heralding their helpfulness with sensitive skin or eczema-prone skin, so I gave them a shot. They’re made with mostly water and a little grapefruit extract, so there aren’t any crazy chemicals involved.

16 // Our Graco Travel SystemIt took a bit of research and looking around to decide on a stroller system, but this one is awesome! A jogging stroller is a great option, whether or not you jog! 🙂

17 // Soft storage containers from TargetThese come in different sizes. Sophie has a large one downstairs to house her toys in the living room, but we also have a large one upstairs in her room for her stuffed animals. Additionally, a smaller soft container holds her diapers on her changing table for easy access. These soft containers are lovely and so practical!

18 // “Grass” countertop bottle drying rack and scrubber. I like having a separate surface to dry Sophie’s dishes, teethers, and bottles after I wash them! This drying rack looks like grass – it’s so cute! – and it’s one of those handy items I use every single day. I also use a separate scrubbing brush (a Munchkin Brush) to wash Sophie’s things.

19 // Kindred Bravely Simply Sublime nursing tanksI wear these every single day! They’re extremely comfortable and perfect to wear alone or under shirts.

20 // Digital Ear ThermometerI’m so glad we have one of these. I just put it gently in Sophie’s ear and press a button, and it quickly scans and takes her temperature for me. It’s so low hassle, which helps me to have greater peace of mind.

21 // Sound MachineThis thing is amazing. Sophie seems to like the “White Noise” option best, but there are several other sounds to pick from. The sound machine travels with us, so that Sophie has the same white noise during her naps and at bedtime. It’s also nice because, obviously, it covers up other sounds for her. This way, Bjorn and I don’t feel like we have to tiptoe around the house when she’s in her room resting!

22 // Lotus Baby Bath MatWe bathe Sophie in our kitchen sink, and this cushiony lotus flower mat is perfect for that! It’s comfortable for her, giving her a more secure, clean place to sit during her baths, and it is easy to wash and dry!

23 // Shout gel stain scrubberThis product has been a lifesaver for me! Diaper blowouts and other messes are basically inevitable, especially when babies are transitioning between diaper sizes. When I’ve got some stains to get out of Sophie’s outfits or blankets, I just have to squirt some of this gel onto the stain, use the scrubber tip to scrub at it, and then I can pop it in the laundry! This Shout gel has gotten a lot of stains out for me these past few months!

24 // Aquaphor (or an off-brand of it). I’ve tried multiple kinds of lotions and ointments for Sophie when she has a rough or sore patch of skin…but I don’t think anything works as well as Aquaphor and its off-brands! Aquaphor can help with things like diaper rash, wind-burned cheeks, and more!

25 // Waterproof Silicone Bib with Food CatcherNow that Sophie eats a bit of baby food and baby cereal, we’ve realized just how nice it is to have bibs on hand. We love all the bibs we have, whether they’re flannel or cotton or otherwise, but these are also nice bibs because I know they’ll come in even more handy in the future once Sophie’s trying to get bits of food from her hands to her mouth! The food catcher is a great aspect of these bibs. Plus, they’re easy to wash off after supper!

Well, there you have it, friends! These are some of the main things I totally love having around. It’s been nice to check in again regarding these baby-related items, now that Sophie’s 6 months old! I hope this post helped you out and gave you some ideas, whether you’re a mom yourself or you’re shopping for someone else!

What baby products are you a big fan of? What would you add to this list? 


    1. Thank you so much, Susannah! It’s fun to hear that you like these suggestions, too, since you have two kids! 🙂 And thank you — we sure love our little Sophie girl!

    1. Oh, awesome! I’m so happy to hear it was helpful to you, Elizabeth! And it’s great that you could add some to your registry! I think a lot of times, people focus so much on only newborn type items in their registry, when time really does fly and you’ll be in the 3-6 month stage soon!! So excited for you and your little one! I love following along with your updates 🙂

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