My Favorite Baby Products For Age 0-3 Months (The Third Time Around)


There is something so special about a third baby. Of course, there is something special about EACH of my babies, but what I mean is that I feel much more confident this third time around, in a lot of things, but especially in terms of knowing what products I want to use for my little one!

When I was pregnant with Svea, our third child, I knew right away many of the products I’d want to have on hand, in a lot of categories! However, there is also the fun of discovering new products – things that have come out since I had my first baby, as well as new-to-me items!

Today’s blog post contains a list of my favorite baby products (for age 0 to 3 months) this third time around! It’s a good mix of things that we’ve always had for our babies AND things that we found more recently and love for our third child! But all of the items listed below are tried and true, and things we actually own and like! I hope it is fun for you to read, and hopefully really helpful as well!

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My Favorite Baby Products For Age 0-3 Months

Puj Flyte Infant Bathtub // This is a new product for us this time around! I really love it! It’s soft and cushioned enough for a baby to sit in or lean on, but it’s also made of a non-absorbant material (reminds me of a firmer foam) that dries super fast and is very easy to wipe off! It’s so different from the really absorbant, fabric-based baby bath liner product we’ve used with our other babies and it’s so nice!

3-Step Cradle Cap System // This little set is made by Frida Baby a brand I know many moms like. Many newborns struggle with cradle cap so when I was pregnant with Svea I thought I’d be proactive and I picked up this set. It includes a soft foam sponge, a gentle bristle brush to scrub baby’s scalp, and a fine tooth comb for after baby’s bath. I have really liked it so far!

Egg-Shaped Touch Night Light // I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much I love this egg night light! It’s a touch light, which I have always loved with babies for middle of the night feedings because they’re so quiet and simple to use. But I heard about this one while I was pregnant with Svea and decided to give it a try. It’s extra wonderful, because it is so portable and has really practical touch controls! It has a little charging dock (pictured above) but it holds its charge for quite a few nights (dare I say a week?!). I love how I can tap twice to turn it on, twice to turn it off, and how a long tap can make it brighter and dimmer! I’ve used this every single night with Svea since she was born and I’m a big fan.

Silicone Penguin Teether // I think I heard about this one on an Instagram ad, haha! Svea is our first child who won’t take a pacifier (our other two were obsessed with theirs!). I’ve also been thinking that Svea could even be teething these days, because she’s drooly and loves to gnaw on anything she holds. So I wanted to get her a little teether that she could entertain herself with and that could make her feel more comfortable (same story for the next item on this list!). She loves this penguin teether SO much! She finds it really interesting and fun, and it also satisfies that need to chew on something. The knobs on the sides of the penguin’s head almost act like a pacifier, though Svea doesn’t really suck on it and prefers to gnaw on it instead. What I especially love about this teether is its smart design – it creates a little “cage” with a silicone bar inside that your baby can grab with their hand, and that helps them to hold onto the penguin better!

Nuby Teether // We’ve been fans of Nuby brand teethers for a long time and have used them for each of our babies. This may be the earliest I’ve ever had a baby use a Nuby teether, but Svea really likes it! Again, she loves to chew on things and I think it’s soothing to her.

Bouncy Seat // The bouncy seat I’ve linked here isn’t the exact one we own, but it’s about as similar as I could find. The one we have actually came as part of a pack n’ play set my parents had purchased to keep at their house! It’s funny to me how much we’ve loved the simple bouncy seat that just came with a pack n’ play! It does have a vibrating capability but we never use that. We’ve used the bouncy seat with at least one of our other children when they were a baby, too! It’s the perfect way to have your baby with you in the kitchen as you cook, or with the family as you all clean up in the living room, without them needing to lay flat on their back.

Love to Dream Swaddle Transition Bag // I first got this sleep sack when our second child was a baby. I love the Love to Dream brand for swaddles or at least for a swaddle-like feel, but this specific “transition bag” is great because it comes with zip-off sleeves that you can take off when your baby starts showing signs of rolling over. At this point (almost 4 months old), Svea sleeps with both of the sleeves zipped off, but she still really appreciates the snug hug-like feel!

Portable Baby Sound Machine // This was something new I got for my third baby, and it’s wonderful! I use this small, portable sound machine every night. It’s cordless and it holds a charge for days at a time (even when I run it all night long on my nightstand as well as for Svea’s several bassinet naps during the day). We already loved the Dream Egg sound machine brand because we have their larger sound machine for our other children – and this portable one didn’t disappoint!

Crinkle Paper // Our son Soren really loved his farm patterned fabric crinkle paper when he was an infant, so I bought a woodland animals one towards the end of my pregnancy with Svea. I linked the Etsy shop here because I can’t find their specific crinkle paper listing any longer, but HERE is a similar product if you’re wondering what crinkle paper is. (It’d make a great baby shower gift, too!)

Bubble Rompers // I’ve never had a new baby during the summer before! Our first two children were fall babies, so they just wore long pajamas all winter. With Svea this summer, I’ve been loving putting her in bubble rompers or other one-piece onesie outfits or jumpsuits. They’re so darling and easy!

Tummy Time Stand-Up Mirror Toy // Svea absolutely loves this toy! I love how it functions like a flip book, so she always has something new to look at. But her favorite “page” of it is the mirror. It’s perfect for tummy time. I’m so glad I made that purchase!

Konny Baby Carrier // I’ve never been good at (or enjoyed) the baby wraps that start out as one long piece of fabric. So, I’m a big fan of baby carriers that look like a wrap but are much easier to put on! I tried the Konny Baby carrier with our third baby, and it is amazing! I can put it on and get Svea situated in it in only a minute! You put the Konny Baby carrier on like a T-shirt, and the straps always lay the same way every time, which makes it much easier to do. The straps on the sides are adjustable, and it comes in a size that ranges from XS through XL, so you could potentially just use the one wrap for both yourself and your husband! I highly recommend this baby wrap!

Halo Brand Velcro Swaddles // These are the swaddles I used the most when Svea was brand new and not showing signs of rolling over yet. Hospitals often use these. The velcro on the swaddle part makes them really easy to use! You can also find them on Kidizen – a great place (app) to shop secondhand for new or used kids’ clothing!

Baby Thermometer // I have a love-hate relationship with thermometers. We’ve built up a collection of different types of thermometers over time, because I like to cross-check the temperature readings I get. While we do have a couple forehead thermometers I like, this baby thermometer has been a really nice one to have on hand for Svea. This thermometer is safe for rectal readings, which is probably the most accurate way to check your new baby’s temperature. (I’m not a doctor; check with your own pediatrician for their recommendations on what to use.) I’ve been impressed with this one. It has a flexible tip and reads temperatures very quickly!

DockATot // We’ve had our DockATot ever since Sophie, our oldest, was a baby almost 6 years ago! Sometimes in between babies I’ve found myself wondering if we would use it, but then whenever I have a newborn, I’m very grateful I have it! We don’t use it overnight for Svea, but it’s a nice safe place for her to land when I need to set my baby down. She also does little (supervised) naps in it sometimes. I love its high quality and how comfortable (and comforting) it is for a little one!

Halo Bassinest // This was something new to me when Soren was born. I borrowed a Halo Bassinest – the swivel kind – from my sister-in-law when Soren was a baby, and I loved it so much! They’re pretty pricey, so I was looking for one on Facebook Marketplace while I was pregnant with Svea. I found a non-swivel kind (called the Halo Bassinest Glide Sleeper) for something like $50! I love it just as much as the swivel one I’d used in years past. These Halo Bassinests have one side that lowers down to allow you to reach in and pick up your baby more easily. It’s by far my favorite type of bassinet for a baby to sleep in!

There you go! Those are my favorite baby items for the first three months, this third time around! I hope this post was helpful to you, whether you’re pregnant yourself or shopping for someone with a new baby on the way!

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