My Favorite Baby Products (3 Months In)


Sophie is almost 3 months old already! Time really does fly when you’re having fun. 😉

Over the past few months, Bjorn and I sure have learned a lot!! (And goodness knows, we’ll be learning more about parenting each day for the rest of our lives!) Being new parents is an incredibly wonderful experience, although it has its share of brand-new challenges and steep learning curves. But there is so much joy involved! It makes any harder moments totally worth it! I mean, take a look at this sweet face:

We’ve slowly been curating a collection of baby-related items that we are really grateful to have. Some have been recommended or given to us, and some we have found on our own, but each product in today’s post is a big favorite of ours!

Today I wanted to finally share the list with you, now that we’re a few months into this parenting adventure. Let me preface this by saying, you do you! Not everyone will feel they need these products, and not everyone will love them as much as we do. But we have loved them for our Sophie-girl so far. My hope is that these recommendations help you out, whether you’re a new mom, expecting, or want to be a mom someday.


Favorite Baby Products Months 0 to 3

Favorite Baby Products Months 3 to 6

Favorite Baby Products Months 6 to 9

My Favorite Baby Products (3 Months In)

Halo Swaddle AND Halo Sleep Sack. We loved being able to swaddle Sophie with her arms in for the first month. We eventually learned that while she likes being swaddled for naps during the day, she likes to have her arms out at night! So, we’ve since graduated to a Sleep Sack and it is great! (You can see her sleep sack in the photo at the top of this post.) It’s like a wearable blanket for Sophie that contains her feet but allows her to have her arms out.

DockATot. I’ve raved about our DockATot a lot these past few months! As of now, Sophie sleeps alone in her bassinet at night, but for a good while, we slept with Sophie in our bed, and she loved sleeping safely in our DockATot! It has nice high bumpers so Bjorn and I had no chance of actually rolling over onto Sophie, and she slept so well in it. It is also wonderful to use around the house! Sophie has taken many a nap in her DockATot on the cleared-off kitchen table while I cook, or on the living room floor while Bjorn and I chat. 🙂 It gets two thumbs up from us!

Here’s my DockATot referral link if you’re looking to get one, AND if you’d like $10 off a Dock!

Kindred Bravely nursing tanks. Before becoming a mom, I always preferred to wear a cami or tank under my shirts. So, when the time came to find nursing clothes, I turned to nursing tanks! And I love the ones from Kindred Bravely so much. They’re comfy and, I think, really cute! The tanks I own are their Simply Sublime Tanks – and I order them in the same size as my normal shirt size.

Here’s $10 off your first Kindred Bravely order (referral link)!

Sleepers with zippers. Mostly, sleepers in general! Being able to zip Sophie up, rather than snapping a bunch of snaps, does save time when we’re tired. The snaps on some sleepers don’t really bother me, but sleepers that simply zip up are really nice if you don’t feel like messing with a lot of snaps during a middle-of-the-night outfit change! 🙂

Something I didn’t quite realize before having Sophie was just how much time she would spend in her footed sleepers! Yes, it has been SO much fun dressing her up in other cute outfits, but since she’s basically a winter baby and we live in Minnesota, she wears footed sleepers around the house pretty much every day. There are SO many cute sleepers out there. I like the footed ones because then you don’t have to deal with socks (and therefore, the lack of socks within a minute of putting socks on, haha). I have gotten Sophie a lot of really wonderful, adorable sleepers from Kidizen. (I’ll explain more about Kidizen below, but you can read my whole post on Kidizen here.)

PS – I have heard some other moms say they actually prefer the sleepers with snaps. So, it’s totally up to you to see what you’d like! Snaps are nice when you don’t want to undress the baby as much, if it’s chilly. I just really liked the zippers.

Nursing app. At first, I tried writing nursing times and lengths down on a notes app, and also on paper. It was tiring and not a great system. So, I finally downloaded a free app called “Baby Nursing – Breastfeeding Tracker.” I love it! I wish I would’ve downloaded it sooner.

Burp cloths (everywhere!). We keep an average of two burp cloths in virtually every room in our house! I thought I had a good amount of burp cloths when Sophie was born, but soon had to purchase more! And I’m still washing them frequently in order to make sure we always have some available! It’s just nice to always have one within reach because spit-up situations seem to happen when you’re least expecting them. 😉 I’d say, err on the side of having too many burp cloths rather than having too few.

Eddie Bauer changing pad. My friend Jordan gave me one of these changing pads, and it soon became our absolute favorite one! I liked it way more than the smaller, less durable one that had come with my diaper bag. Basically, the Eddie Bauer one is much more durable, it’s easier to wipe off, and it’s much larger! (But it still folds up to be quite compact.) I liked having one upstairs so much that I eventually got another to go in our downstairs diaper station/diaper bag. I found it on my Kidizen app for about $8.

Wubbanubs. I had seen these plush animals attached to pacifiers and thought they were cute, so I got a giraffe one for Sophie. Little did I know how grateful we’d be to have it! She loves that thing! She’s not totally attached to a pacifier – some days, she hardly uses one – but I have to say, her Wubbanub has been a great soother for her. I think part of the success of Wubbanubs is the fact that they’re easier for babies to grab onto. Sophie’s not super coordinated with her hands yet, but she often still manages to keep her giraffe Wubbanub in by pushing it against her face with the back of her hand. And the weight of a tiny stuffed animal really seems to help babies keep the Wubbanub in their mouth, instead of constantly spitting a pacifier out as they purse their lips. Sophie likes her giraffe Wubbanub so much that she got a new one – a fox – in her Christmas stocking this year. 🙂

Blooming Bath Lotus (aff. link). We love this thing! It is super soft, and it dries fairly quickly when I wring it out and hang it to dry. It fits so nicely in our kitchen sink, and Sophie enjoys having a comfy place to relax and take a bath! I’m so glad we registered for this item! (We have the gray/white one, but it comes in a lot of other fun colors, too.) It’ll be fun when Sophie can sit up in it all by herself, too.

Sturdy blankets. Actually, all kinds of blankets are nice, but having a couple thicker flannel blankets around is wonderful! These make great carseat blankets or tummy time blankets without getting all bunched up!

Lalabu Soothe ShirtThis is an awesome form-fitting tank top with a special baby-holding pouch on the front! Sophie really relaxes when she’s in it…which helps me relax, too! 😉

The Jesus Storybook Bible (aff. link). This is the most incredible children’s Bible I have read! You can see on the cover that it says, “Every story whispers his name,” and that is so true! Sometimes, I feel children are taught Bible stories as individual, unrelated tales…and that’s not the point of the Bible. The entire Bible is meant to be woven together under the theme of a God who has sacrificed it all to bring His broken people back to Him. This Jesus Storybook Bible does such an amazing job of weaving a sense of that into every single story! Reading these stories aloud to Sophie always gets me teary-eyed; they serve as an awesome reminder that despite all the broken things and hard stories in the world, God loved us so much He sent His Rescuer to us! I’m eager to see how Sophie’s understanding of God’s message to us grows over the years.

My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow (aff. link). This pillow is so great. It buckles tightly and cinches right up against my waist – I can literally walk around wearing it like an inner tube, if I want! 🙂 This offers good back support for me when I nurse Sophie, and she feels safe and supported without slipping down between my stomach and a pillow, which is what used to happen. I wish I would have purchased this pillow from the get-go! (I linked above to the exact style I have.)

Kidizen. This app is one of my favorites!! On Kidizen, moms can buy and sell used baby clothing (and toys and gear). I have found it very easy to use, and I am so impressed by the prices (shipping is included in the already-low prices!). I can’t tell you how many sleepers I’ve gotten for Sophie for less than $8 each, including shipping!

I enjoy Kidizen so much that I’ve enjoyed collaborating with them as well! I wrote an in-depth post walking you through how to use the app HERE.

You can use my referral link to get $5 for free! (And $5 will go pretty far on Kidizen!)

Touch Sensor Bedside Table Lamp (aff. link). I purchased this for my end table in our bedroom, because I was sick of how every time I fed Sophie, changed her, and laid her down quietly to go back to sleep, I then had to loudly CLICK! my table lamp off. That loud click always startled Sophie and me, and did not help everyone get back to sleep! So, this touch lamp has been the perfect solution. It involves absolutely no noise, and it has low, medium, and bright settings that you can just tap the base to get to. Such a great idea, and again, something I wish I’d purchased right away!

Video monitor. This is the one we have from Target. I initially thought I wasn’t interested in a baby monitor that involved a video camera, but this has been a great baby item for us! I like that I can see Sophie’s chest rise up and down as she sleeps, or see if she is frustrated for real or if she’s just shifting in her sleep.

The Happiest Baby on the Block book (aff. link). I love this book, especially because from it I learned the 5 S’s of soothing (and they work!!), but also because I appreciate the author’s insight and his sense of humor. He teaches important things without being condescending or dry.

Carseat cover. This is a necessity here in chilly Minnesota! We are using a heavier-weight fleece one right now on Sophie’s carseat. I found ours (JJ Cole brand) slightly used but in great condition on my Kidizen app.

Well, there you have it! I’ve been brainstorming this list for a while now, and it ended up being pretty comprehensive!

Like I mentioned before, I know Bjorn and I will continue to learn over the years about what works and what doesn’t. But this is what we’re currently happy with! Today’s post isn’t meant to outline what you absolutely must have; it’s simply the list of products that we are personally very grateful for! If you’re expecting a baby or are a new parent, then I hope it helps you out as you consider which items you want for your household and your own child!

Have you heard of or used any of these products? What would you recommend?


Favorite Baby Products Months 0 to 3

Favorite Baby Products Months 3 to 6

Favorite Baby Products Months 6 to 9


  1. Yes to zip-up sleepers, wubbanubs and car seat covers!!! Rory actually has the same exact wubbanub and same exact car seat cover (although she doesn’t use the car seat cover anymore since she is now in a convertible car seat). She doesn’t care for the soothie pacifier on the wubbanub anymore (she is 1) but she loves toys and uses it as a toy. Snap up sleepers are such a pain and so difficult for men to master lol. And zip-up sleepers are so easy with winter babies.

  2. I actually don’t know why they make jammies with buttons. They should all have zippers because who has time for all those buttons?!

  3. Totally love this list – a close friend is expecting this spring and it’s given me a mom-tested and approved list of awesome and helpful baby gifts! Definitely a life-saver for this non-parent 🙂 Thanks Hannah!

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