My Easy Makeup + Skin Care Routine


This is the type of post that I don’t share often, but I enjoy reading others’ recommendations or seeing what they like to use, so I thought I’d share mine!

I’ve always been someone who likes wearing makeup. It is rare for me to have a day when I put zero makeup on. I just feel more put together that way, and more prepared to head out the door, run errands, or be in public. Because I wear makeup every day, I make sure it’s a streamlined and not-intense process!

Like the title of this post says, this is an easy makeup routine! I’m including my skin care routine in this post, too, because it’s so closely related to a makeup routine. My skin care routine has more steps in it, but it’s something I’ve been daily committed to for a number of years now, since I want to be proactive about my skin as I (gasp!) age!

My Easy Makeup + Skin Care Routine

The photo above shows pretty much all of the products I’m sharing today. I’ll make a note below if a product isn’t worn every day.

Let’s start with skin care! I’ve used Beautycounter for years now, and I love it so much. I use their Countertime Regimen set, which is their anti-aging regimen. I’ve tried to be proactive about aging skin, so I’ve been using anti-aging skin care products since probably my mid-20s. This set includes a cleansing oil (which I use to wash my face every morning and to remove makeup every night), a serum, moisturizers, and creams (separate ones for day and night). In the summer months, I replace the daytime cream with this facial sunscreen. It’s definitely an investment, but I have found that Beautycounter products last me a really long time. Plus, they’re so high quality and they work so well!

Most nights, in place of the Countertime Regimen’s night cream, I’ve been using and LOVING Beautycounter’s Mighty Plump Ceramide Water Cream. It is the first product I’ve ever tried that I can truly say has given me a reduction in fine lines on my face!

(I occasionally also use the Overnight Resurfacing Peel or the All-Bright C Serum, which I purchased when a set of these two treatments were on sale!)

Washing my face and applying the products from my skin care regimen only takes a couple minutes. Then I’m ready to put on makeup.

I’ve been a big fan of Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer combined with a foundation in the past, but I felt like I was applying it over-zealously and that it could easily look too heavy, so I shifted my makeup routine to a more minimal approach: the Minimalist Perfecting Complexion Stick by Merit. This complexion stick says it is not a concealer or a foundation, but that it’ll replace both in your makeup bag. That’s how I’ve been using it! I’ve been applying it under my eyes and dots of it anywhere else on my face that I want a more even look, and it’s been great! It gives light-to-medium coverage.

I use Merit’s Blending Brush to blend in their complexion stick. It’s nice not to have to blend with my fingers.

For a super easy, beautiful (and light) eyeshadow, I swipe on this Brilliant Eye Brightener by Thrive Causemetics. I have it in the color Pili, which is a cool-toned gold shimmer. A stick of this lasts me a really long time!

My favorite eyeliner is this Liquid Eyeliner from Physician’s Formula, in the shade Dark Brown. While that dries, I do my eyebrows. I’ve tried a number of different ways to define my very light brows over the years, and I just love L’Oreal’s Brow Stylist Brow Mascara! It is so easy to apply. A little goes a long way and I try to apply it pretty lightly and build it from there. My goal is a natural eyebrow look. I buy it in the shade Light Brunette.

My favorite mascara is the Think Big Mascara from Beautycounter. I love how it goes on and how it is actually good for lashes! It comes in Black.

I then add my favorite blush, which is – surprise – also from Beautycounter! I use this Cream Blush in the shade Cider, which is a soft peach. I apply it very lightly and blend with my fingers.

The look is finished off with Beautycounter’s Conditioning Lipstick. My favorite shade is the one called Rose!

At the end of the day, I use the Countertime Regimen’s Cleansing Oil to remove makeup – it works so, so well! But I do use Neutrogena’s Makeup Remover Wipes to remove my eye makeup first. (That’s just a personal preference for me, instead of massaging the cleaning oil into my eyes.) Then I’m all set to continue the nightly skin care routine with different elements of the Countertime Regimen and that Ceramide Water Cream I mentioned earlier!

There you go! I feel like I’ve really settled into a great routine with skin care and makeup products I love. I hope you enjoyed having a peek at the products I enjoy using daily!

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