Moving the Chickens (An Evening at the Farm)

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If you weren’t aware, Bjorn and I have had baby chickens living in our living room for the past few weeks! By the end of last week, it was time for them to move out. 🙂 They’ve gotten old enough that they aren’t as fragile, and they surely need more space now!

Meet our Chickies!! Just Bee Blog
an old picture…scroll down to see how they look now!

This whole journey has been so much fun. Our baby chicks arrived in a box at the post office back in February. We brought them home, put them in their new box with a heating lamp, and taught them how to drink water. They grew familiar with the rhythms of our daily life in the house (although they seriously jumped every time I sneezed?!). We constantly refilled their water and feed and changed their box lining (we called it their diaper, haha!). I got really used to their sweet little “peeping” coming from that box in the living room; I think I’ll especially miss that.


But, like anything else in life, they grew up! They’re not as fluffy and round and cute as they were before. They needed a chance to stretch their legs and flap their wings even more without fluffing dust around our house. 🙂

After work one day last week, Bjorn and I loaded up the chicks in their box, along with their heating lamp and everything else they’ll need…then we took the backroads to my in-laws’ farm, where the chicks will now live!



Bjorn has had chicks in this old grain bin before – it’s a really nice system. They get a lot of space, their heating lamp can be hooked up nicely for cooler nights, and Bjorn has rigged up a nice wire door that’s sturdy enough to keep farm cats out. 🙂 We’ve got a larger feeder in their new home, and a much larger supply of water for them.


I did warn Bjorn in advance that I may not be particularly helpful with the moving process, since I often just end up taking a lot of pictures. 🙂 And that’s pretty much what happened. I did help out with finding a metal garbage can for their feed…but Bjorn did most of the transfer process.



I grabbed one of the chicks and forced it to do another fun photo shoot with me, but it didn’t really want to be part of a lovely rustic photo. It calmed down enough for me to get a few shots, though. Farm photography is a blast – you never quite know what to expect or what type of photo you’ll be able to get!


Something fun: we recently realized that we actually have 31 chicks! It’s always kind of exciting to get a free bonus in your purchase, isn’t it? 🙂





I wandered around the farm a lot that day, eager to soak up the late afternoon sunshine and see my sis-in-law’s beautiful horses again. I’ve missed them!



You can also see the chicks in this first post and in their 3-weeks-old post!


      1. If we get the house we’re hoping to get we’ll have about a quarter acre and we’re definitely going to get chicks! 🙂

  1. Makes me want to visit a farm out in the country! Love these beautiful, rustic photos! The chicks are so adorable and I love seeing them grow! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Gina! I love trying to capture rustic-feeling photos!! I’m glad you get to see our little chicks grow even via the Internet! 🙂

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