Mixed Berry Overnight Oats

I have been a fan of overnight oats for almost a year now! They quickly became my new favorite thing back when I tried a Peanut Butter Banana Oats recipe. Since then, I’ve experimented on and off with overnight oat recipes…and honestly, I think I’ve finally found a breakfast recipe I don’t get sick of! 🙂

I’m not a big breakfast cereal person – I tend to eat hot oatmeal packets or granola bars before I’d reach for cold cereal. But these overnight oats are just plain amazing, cold from the fridge!


Today I wanted to share with you the overnight oats recipe that is currently in our refrigerator. A batch lasts us multiple days and then I just pop on over to the grocery store to replenish a couple of the ingredients and whip up a new batch.

It’s super simple to make, and I guarantee it’s the kind of breakfast that makes you really feel like you had a true breakfast! (Your stomach and your busy morning to-do list will thank you!) I’ve found that using these steel cut oats works so well – and they seem to digest more slowly, making the breakfast stick with me longer throughout my crazy morning schedule.

I’ve also discovered that this makes the perfect little snack to reach for when I’m craving something sweet but filling.

Mixed Berry Overnight Oats Recipe - Just Bee Blog

Mixed Berry Overnight Oats


  • 1 + 1/4 cup steel cut oats
  • 1 cup almond milk (I use the vanilla flavor)
  • 2 cups Greek yogurt (I LOVE using a Honey Vanilla or even Honey Strawberry variety)
  • 1 package fresh strawberries, cut and diced
  • 1/2 cup blueberries (or other fresh berries – blackberries work well too)
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract
  • Cinnamon, to taste


What to Do:

1 // In a large bowl, combine oats, almond milk, and Greek yogurt.

2 // Make sure strawberries are diced, then add all berries to the bowl.

3 // Add vanilla and a dash of cinnamon. Stir well with a spoon or fork.

4 // Pop the bowl of oats into the fridge overnight!

Enjoy! I bet you’ll love this! I hope it gives you the fuel you need to have a full, happy, productive day!

Mixed Berry Overnight Oats



  1. Yum! I love overnight oats! I usually do an almost equal amount of oats to liquid and then add in healthy stuff like nuts, seeds and fruit. It’s the only thing that keeps me full for hours.

    1. Thanks, Elyse! I’m glad you liked this post/recipe! 🙂 Your add-ins sound so yummy! I agree – it’s pretty much the only thing that keeps me full that long – besides a breakfast sandwich, maybe. 🙂

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