Mistletoes Baby Christmas Craft


I’m so excited about today’s post! Sophie and I made a fun Christmas craft last month, and I finally took photos of it so I can share it with you all!

If you’re looking for a simple, inexpensive holiday craft for next year – perhaps you’re expecting and will have a baby by next Christmas – then this is the craft for you! It’d even make a fun gift if you did it with your nieces/nephews, or children you nanny, because their parents will be so pleasantly surprised. 🙂 This craft ranks high on the cute meter, and the plus side is, it doesn’t involve a crazy mess or things like glitter. 😉

Mistletoes Baby Christmas Craft

I found everything I needed for this craft at Michael’s!


  • Tree slice
  • Stand (for the finished tree slice)
  • Green paint
  • Red paint
  • Sharpie (I used red and green, but you can use any color you have on hand)

(Optional Materials):

  • Q-tips
  • Paper towels
  • Cookie sheet
  • Parchment paper
  • Small bowl

Baby Preparedness Steps 😉

Since we were dealing with wet paint and a wiggly baby, I took a few steps to combat crazy messes!

I got out a cookie sheet and lined it with parchment paper. This is where I squirted paint and where I could spread it all out.

I also got a paper towel pretty damp and set it in a small bowl. I wanted to have this on hand close by so that I could quickly wipe Sophie’s feet off! I had a roll of dry paper towels nearby as well.

We actually did this craft on our kitchen floor – it gave me more elbow room to work with Sophie, and then I could feel more stable since I was sitting. Plus, the floor is very washable, which put me more at ease. 😉

(Obviously, I have no photos of the process itself, haha. I was a little preoccupied with getting nice footprints and not getting paint on everything!)

What to Do:

It’s about as simple as it seems! I squirted green paint onto the parchment paper. Then I made sure I had the tree slice nearby.

I held Sophie in my lap (in only a diaper – you have to be prepared for paint mess, haha) and stuck her foot in the paint to cover it completely. I then pressed her foot firmly onto the tree slice.

I quickly wiped that foot off, using the damp paper towel in the small bowl. Then I repeated those steps with her other foot, making sure that the heels of the feet overlapped on the tree slice and angled outward (to look like leaves).

Remarkably, the paint dried quite quickly on the tree slice! I then took a Q-tip and dipped that into the red paint. I used the Q-tip to paint a few red berries on the heels of the green feet.

The final step was to use Sharpies to write Sophie’s full name and the word “Mistletoes” on the tree slice.

** Make sure you don’t write the words too low on the tree slice; otherwise, they will get covered up by the front lip of the stand once you put your craft in the stand!

There you go! It was a low-stress craft for this first-time mama — so it’s highly recommended by us! 😉

Did you make any fun crafts with your kids’ hand or footprints when they were little? I’d love to hear more ideas!

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