The Perfect Watch For The Guys in Your Life (+ a Giveaway!)


If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time, then you’re probably aware that much of our life involves farming, army, and teaching. My husband Bjorn is a busy, ambitious man, always up for a new challenge — and I am proud of him for who he is and what he works towards. There are certain seasons that can be much busier than others (like harvest season!) but, we know they are just seasons and time will continue on! One of the seasons coming up before we know it is holiday season!


With the holiday season arriving soon, we always turn our minds towards gift giving and shopping for loved ones. If you have a special guy in your life – whether it’s a husband, boyfriend, fiance, or even brother, or father – then you may know the struggle of picking the best gift for them each birthday or holiday season.

Bjorn is a no-nonsense, practical kind of guy. He loves efficiency and functionality, with a bit of a “oh, cool!” factor when it comes to his gifts. I don’t always choose to go the history-related gift route with this history teacher husband of mine – and when I stray from that path, it can be a bit trickier to find something that’ll really make him say “wow.” 🙂

In my experience, I feel like many guys can be difficult to shop for; you can’t lump all the guys you know into one category, of course, because interests, careers, hobbies, and personalities vary so much! 

But there is a perfect gifting solution out there:

Jord Wood Watches.


 Wood Watches: A Cool, Unique Gift Idea:

Jord makes absolutely gorgeous wood watches that add both a rustic touch and a touch of class to any outfit! I have been in love with these watches for forever, so I am thrilled that my husband now has a Jord watch!

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Just for the record, Bjorn loves it. His watch is the Koa & Black watch from the Dover series. This specific watch is really neat because you can view the moving parts and gears working inside the watch! My practical, ever-curious husband loves that about his watch.




The wood definitely adds a rustic touch to the watches — and I love how Bjorn’s watch is crafted with gleaming, gorgeous koa wood. This watch – and really, any watch from Jord – is an eye-catcher and conversation starter in itself! My husband is a middle school teacher and his students immediately noticed and commented on how cool they thought his watch was!

At the same time, another thing I love so much about Jord watches is the fact that they act as great neutral accessories that you can add to any outfit! (And they’ll look great with any outfit, any time of the year!) This is why a men’s wood watch is an amazing gift for any guy in your life. Even if the guy you’re thinking of already has a watch, this watch will be a special, unique gift that he’ll find himself reaching for more times than not.


It’s obvious these watches are high class and high quality, so it’s no wonder that Jord watches are taking the world by storm and are becoming more and more popular. They’re perfect for your techy husband, or an outdoor camping/fishing aficionado, or your boyfriend who is a businessman or teacher or lawyer…there are so many choices you can shop from within the Jord website, you’re sure to find the perfect unique gift for any guy’s personality!

And while you’re at it, they have some gorgeous women’s watches as well. Don’t forget to shop for your gal friends or relatives…or, ahem, pick one up for yourself! 😉


Now you have the chance to win a deep discount to Jord for yourself!

 Are you interested yet?? I bet you are! I know those of you who follow along on Instagram said you’re already a fan of these beautiful wood watches!

And guess what? Jord has been gracious enough to host a giveaway JUST FOR YOU JUST BEE READERS!! 🙂 

You can enter below or by using this link for your chance to win $75 to the Jord site!!


Wooden Wristwatch

The winner will be automatically selected and emailed.

The contest will close 11/20/2016 at 11:59 pm. Both the $75 and the $20 codes will expire on 2/28/2017.


Do you love these gorgeous wood watches as much as we do, or do you already have one?? Which Jord watches do you think would be the perfect style for the men in your life?

** Thank you to Jord Wood Watches for sponsoring this post. ** 



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