May // What I’m Looking Forward To

We’re already a few days into May! Wow! You can catch up on my personal posts from April here and here.

What I’m Looking Forward To In May:

1 // Weddings! I love wedding season! Are you one of those people who tears up at a wedding? I am, without fail. 🙂 A wedding is full of hope, joy, and promise – and getting to watch a beautiful commitment! This May, Bjorn’s friend Sam is getting married and we’re excited to celebrate with him and Alissa. Also, Bjorn’s cousin Katie is marrying Huy and we are so happy for them!

2 // A college graduation! Bjorn’s sister Aeli is graduating from college this month! She has accomplished so much in her 4 years of undergrad and will be launching into a prestigious grad program next fall. Aeli is going to be a world-changer (and she is already!). We look forward to attending her college graduation and celebrating what all she’s done and where she’s going next!

3 // Concluding the school year. Please, don’t read this wrong: I love being a teacher. I love teaching and I love spending time with kids every day (my 2nd graders are so dear to me this year!). But, it’s felt like a long winter, and spring seems to come and go so quickly here in Minnesota, so I’m looking forward to the summer months and upcoming adventures. The end of the school year gets pretty intense, with testing season, deadlines, data, extra meetings, and wrapping up our teacher observations and goal paperwork. Bjorn and I have some fun adventures planned for this summer, so I’m starting to get eager for those! 🙂

4 // Revealing our secret project! I know I’ve hinted at it in this post as well. Make sure you are subscribed to Just Bee’s email letters!

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5 // Having a blog that runs more smoothly. For real. You may not have noticed (for your sake, I hope you haven’t!) but there have been some glitches every so often with my blog – misdirected links, etc. that have frustrated me to no end. Blogging is such a passion of mine, so I was never going to give up, but I definitely was getting discouraged. I’ve been dissatisfied with my hosting company for quite some time, so I’m happy to say my blog has now been migrated to a new, better hosting platform! I will probably share more on that later – especially since I have recommendations (or who to stay away from) for you fellow bloggers.

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Well, May is certainly a month made for celebrating! I’m really looking forward to all of the fun things we have planned for this busy month. How about you? What are you looking forward to in May?


    1. Thanks, Bailey! I hope your blog issues get sorted out soon — they are no fun! I think mine are all good to go, finally!

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