Marriage // 9 Months


So, this happened 9 months ago today… 🙂

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 I married the handsome Christian Bjorn Olson on a sunny day in March. What a special, magical day that was!!

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Bjorn is my comfort and my companion, the love of my life, and my best friend. He keeps me rooted in reality and blesses me with his steadiness, all the while encouraging me to have big dreams. He is one of the wisest, most thoughtful people I know. He’s the one who warms up the car in the morning, who always makes my toast for breakfast as I rush around. He’s the one who will get out of bed at 3 am to check on the furnace, the one who shovels the walk, and he won’t balk at me stealing his computer power cord without asking. 🙂 And I can’t forget those protective, life-giving bear hugs he just dishes out whenever I need them! 🙂 I’ll be spending my whole life with him striving to love him back just as self-sacrificially as he loves me!

These past 9 months have been full ones – full to the brim with joy, laughter, tears, loss, adventure, and learning…

Learning to do daily life together, learning how to pursue God together, learning how to join our 2 families together, learning how to deal with things like the loss of a grandparent and grief and worry and moving across the country to an army base for 3 months and living apart for 6 weeks and caring for a home together while working full-time. These short 9 months have certainly thrown a lot at us. But we know God cares for those who put their trust in Him, and we rejoice in this privilege to build dreams together – dreams of a future home, family, and an entire life together!

I love you, Bjorn!  I have been deeply blessed by my marriage to you.

Love, Bee 🙂

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