March Recap + What I’m Looking Forward to in April

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It’s so great to finally be entering the spring months! …Even if there is still snow on the ground around here. 🙂 Here’s what the last month has looked like!

March Recap:

March was a full month with a lot of fun events! I didn’t even realize this until I looked back on the month in my planner and saw just how much we were able to pack into the past 4 weeks!

1 // I got my blood work results back – and some possible solutions. If you follow me on Instagram or if you read my February Recap post, then you’ve heard about my struggle with dizziness. Granted, it’s not the worst thing ever to be dealing with as far as postpartum stuff goes, and I know of people who’ve had a harder time after having babies…but it really can be draining to have the room spinning on and off throughout the day. I kept wondering if I was literally forgetting to breathe! If I sat down at a table, it soon looked like the table was moving slightly away from me. (Ugh..such a frustrating feeling.) And I wanted to be as present and energetic with Sophie as possible! I was so tired of feeling so shaky…and this was months after giving birth.

Luckily, I think we may have gotten to the bottom of the issue. I had blood drawn at a doctor’s appointment recently and the results came back with me still having low iron, and also something with my thyroid being low. (I don’t have a full understanding of thyroids so we’ll just leave it at that.) I’ve launched back into taking iron these past few weeks, which my doctor recommended — a slow-release kind this time. My doctor also suggested that I start a thyroid-related supplement called i-Throid. I take the thyroid supplement at bedtime since it makes me a bit drowsy. And…so far, so good! I still get slightly dizzy at times, but I think that’s more related to dehydration. I’ve had a lot less of that room-shifting feel even in the past 2 weeks, so I’m really hopeful! Bodies can get all sorts of messed up after having babies. The dizziness hasn’t been my only issue. But, of course, our darling little Sophie is still so worth it!

2 // We took a stargazing class! Bjorn and I have been talking about this class for a long time! We saw it in our community education brochure and knew we had to go! The class was taught by a meteorologist who also studies stars (and is an astrophotographer!) on the side. The teacher has decades of experience and taught us so much. Unfortunately, it was a cloudy night so we couldn’t do a lot of stargazing outdoors, but the indoor sessions of the class were still awesome! It really is humbling to learn about stars and space…and it’s a worshipful experience for us to realize just how vast the universe is and how small we are…and yet, there is a God who loves us! We got to use the instructor’s huge telescope to look at the moon whenever it wasn’t behind a cloud. We were also provided with a telescope buying guide — Bjorn and I would love to get one someday!

^^ Sophie’s outfit at the gender reveal 🙂 ^^

3 // Sophie is getting a baby cousin! You may recall I took Amy and Tyler’s engagement photos a while back. (This is Bjorn’s sister and her husband.) They’re expecting their first baby — a girl!! Sophie can’t wait to meet her new baby cousin at the end of the summer!

^^ This girl sure loves her daddy!! ^^

4 // We celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary! I wrote a post about it here. It’s hard to believe it’s been 4 years already! Wow! We considered going out to eat, but then decided to have an at-home charcuterie board supper that evening. Bjorn brought home 4 beautiful roses for me. It was a sweet time of celebration.

5 // Sophie moved to her own room at night. What a big girl!! It is helping all of us to sleep better at night. I’ll probably share more of this in Sophie’s 6 month update this month! It’s definitely bittersweet, though. We miss her, but we also like knowing that she is growing up and is safe in her own room, too.

6 // We enjoyed some time with friends and family — a playdate for Sophie, time with my friend Emily, and more! Even the start of Easter weekend brought extra hangout time with Bjorn’s family. It’s always nice to get to see those family members who live out of town, too.

7 // I started BSF! BSF, or Bible Study Fellowship, is an international, interdenominational Bible study. I’ve wanted to be a part of this Bible study program for a long time, but the closest class to get to in person is an hour drive away (kind of hard to do once a week during the Minnesota winter with an infant!). Recently, I was made aware of new VIRTUAL BSF groups and I was so happy, I about cried. I’m now in a virtual group that meets weekly via Zoom (a video meeting) to discuss our homework questions, and our lecture is via a podcast. We message about life and prayer requests in a group message app and it is already SUCH a blessing to me. I’m so grateful for this opportunity and for these women.

8 // Bjorn and I have been LOVING Thai Iced Tea lately! I won’t expand on this too much, because I already wrote a whole post about it, but we’ve really enjoyed making thisfun beverage together! You’ll definitely have to try it yourself! 🙂

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9 // We recorded a video! This was new to us! Bjorn and I spent some time this month answering your questions about rural life and life in our small town! You can check it out here!

10 // Winter is still here… Ha! Happy April, right? For some reason, this winter has felt especially long! Maybe it’s because instead of teaching full-time, I’m at home indoors with a baby. As much as I love cozy days together, I’m really looking forward to some warm, sunny days eventually, so we can go on more walks and play at the park!

What I’m looking forward to in April:

  • Time with my parents and friends. We plan to have some people over this month, plus there will be some time spent with my family and friends that I don’t get to see all the time! These are always special memories.
  • SPRING! If I type it, will it come? Haha. I sure hope so. I’m not looking forward to things like bugs and seasonal allergies, but a fresh spring breeze and some sunshine does work wonders for my heart.
  • Spring cleaning. I always get extra excited to straighten up the house and purge things we don’t need as the seasons change.
  • Some upcoming collaborations with brands — you’ll see these on the blog before long!
  • Continued study of the Bible. I haven’t been in a structured Bible study since college, and I know it’ll be wonderful to study the Bible with intention in this season of life.
  • Sophie’s half birthday! She turns 6 months old on April 16. And I may or may not have purchased a 1/2 birthday hat for her. 😉 We’ll see what she thinks! What a blessing to have this little lady in our life for half a year already!!

How was your month of March? Was it busy? What are you looking forward to in April?