Our chickens are all grown up!


Remember when Bjorn and I got 31 little chicks back in February? And remember how we kept them in a box (and then a cage) in our living room for a while? 🙂 We got so used to their little peeping coming from their box in the other room – it was kinda sad when we moved them out to the farm!

back when they were little 🙂

They’ve been living at my in-laws’ farm for a few months now. They’re 4 months old and have definitely outgrown that awkward “teenager” phase! I’ve always loved the stripes on Barred Rocks, and now that our chickens are full grown, it’s really fun to see that gorgeous patterning!



The chickens are old enough that they can wander the farm yard during the day and put themselves back to “bed” at night. 🙂 They were out in the yard the other evening when I was over, so I grabbed my camera (with my new lens!) and snapped a few shots of them.








Past chicken posts (since they were so cute! 🙂 ): when they were brand new, at 3 weeks, the night we moved them out to the farm, and them at 7 weeks.

Can you believe how much they’ve grown??



  1. They are so gorgeous! I mean look at those patterns and colors! How gorgeous! Do you have any other animals? I would love to have a farm one day!

    1. Aww! A farm one day would be so fun! 🙂 We are keeping our chickens over at my in-laws’ farm place, since we’re renting a house in a tiny town nearby 🙂 We’d love to have our own farm someday, too! I do love the patterns on these chickens – they’re barred rocks! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Daisy!! That means so much to me, as I’m continuing to practice with my new lens and trying to capture light!! So thank you!! 🙂

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