Life Lately

I don’t do enough life update posts so I’m hoping to get this type of post going semi-consistently around here! 🙂 I want my blog to not only be a place of encouragement or tips for you, but I also want it to act as a journal for us.

Here’s a bit of what life’s been like lately:

1 // Bjorn was gone for 4 days last week for some additional army training. When he is gone, I try to stay positive and productive (I actually wrote a post about this!) and I usually try to accomplish a project around the house that would otherwise be boring or too large of a task if he was home and I wanted to spend time with him instead.

This last week, I had 3 major projects I wanted to get done (and I did, hooray!).

#1, sort through all my clothing and figure out what to sell. I ended up with a really big box of clothing I never wear, so I’m excited to sell that and have less clothing to dig through! I don’t want to be wasteful.

#2, organize our entire pantry. This took me 2-3 hours one night, but it was totally worth it! You’ll notice I even labeled each section! (Someday I’d love to own a label maker, haha.)

#3, go through our whole “medicine cabinet.” Some of the furniture in this house we rent is not ours, but we try to utilize it to the best of our ability. We keep first aid items and other medicines in a big dresser/sideboard and it really needed some organizing!! I even went through all of those first aid items and bagged similar items together in labeled bags. This also took about 3 hours to go through (there was a LOT of expired and half-used beauty products and things we never reach for). It looks amazing now, and everything is so accessible!

2 // I recently became a Rodan + Fields consultant! I am excited about this opportunity – not only do I love their products, but it’s also a way for me to bring in an additional income. (These are the dermatologists who developed Proactiv, which you’ve probably heard of – and now they’re going in a new direction with regimens for anti-aging, soothing skin, reversing skin damage, and even adult acne. Pretty great!) Feel free to email me if you have any questions about Rodan + Fields, whether you’re interested in the products themselves or in the business aspect.


3 // The school year has started and it’s crazy that it’s almost October! As a Title I teacher, I work with students in small groups on reading, math, and writing skills. This year, I am assigned to work with 2nd grade – they are such a fun age, and while I’ll miss my kindergarten small groups from last year, I’m looking forward to helping 2nd graders grow!

4 // I currently can’t decide if I have allergies or if I actually have a cold. Or a headache or a sinus infection. Ha. It’s not fun. I usually have allergies every spring and fall (and this year, throughout the summer), but I’m feeling a bit under the weather so it may be a cold!! Time for some Emergen-C!

6 // A couple Fridays ago, I actually WON Cirque du Soleil tickets on a local radio show!! It made my day because I don’t often drive to work alone (I always carpool with Bjorn but he was gone for army) so I had turned on the radio and happened upon the 7:25 am contest. Bjorn and I can’t wait because it’s the Cirque du Soleil back-story of Avatar and we love Avatar! So that’ll be fun to go see this weekend!

7 // Yesterday Bjorn and I celebrated 2 and a half years of marriage! It’s amazing how quickly time goes by.

8 // Our town had their “city-wide garage sales” a couple weekends ago and I made sure to have a bag of cash with me so I could go all out with my garage sale-ing after work! 🙂 Besides some cute things like the alphabet sampler below, I also was able to pick up a gorgeous sturdy rocking chair, an end table, and best of all, an antique washstand for our future home! Bjorn and I love historic or historic-looking items so we’re excited to curate a neat collection for our future place.

9 // It’s almost harvest time! We have 125 acres of soybeans this year. I love how much Bjorn loves farming!

10 // We’ve really enjoyed having friends visit lately! The last few weekends, we’ve hosted some different couples and we’ve gotten to know some friends better (and their precious babies!!) It really is a blessing to have these people in our life!


^^ selfies with our friends Jordan and Alex’s beautiful daughter! 🙂 ^^

^^ selfies with our friends Brendon and Katie’s handsome little guy! 🙂 ^^

What have you been up to lately? Can you believe that September is almost over??