Life Lately // 3


Happy Tuesday, friends!! Can you believe we’re halfway through November already?! This month sure has flown by! 

Like I mentioned before in a recent “life lately” post, I’m trying to do more frequent, casual updates on the blog. I totally LOVE writing other posts with tips or encouragement, but I don’t want to lose the journal-like aspect of blogging either.

It’s been a couple weeks since an update. Let’s jump right in!

1 // Our soybeans have now been fully harvested! Bjorn and I had 125 acres of our own soybeans this year, and Bjorn works so hard taking care of them. I am so proud of this man of mine — he dedicates time to farming our own soybeans as well as farming with his father and with his grandfather on the other side of the family. Farming, I’ve learned, isn’t one of those things where you just check a task off the list and there’s nothing left to work on! 😉 There’s always something else to do, some other task that needs to be addressed – always with one eye on the weather and season. But Bjorn has really taken to farming over the years and I’m thrilled he is really enjoying it! 

We were surprised and blessed to have a really great harvest this year! To put it into perspective, from our field of 125 acres, we were expecting somewhere around 6 semi truck loads of soybeans; this fall, it is looking like we have about 10 semi truck loads of beans!!! Wow! We are blown away by God’s hand of provision. This could very well be the best crop of beans that the farm place has seen, and we are so grateful to experience the blessing of a harvest like this.




2 // We have had some GORGEOUS days around here! I visited my parents a couple weekends ago to celebrate my mom’s birthday early with her — we got to do some shopping but most of all, we just like to spend time together! The weather was so lovely that weekend! I got together with my friend Jordan (you know her from her posts here on faith, motherhood, the contented capsule wardrobe, and baby registries) and her precious 1-year-old daughter. We wanted to really soak up the beautiful weather so we went to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum (where Bjorn and I had our wedding reception!) and walked around the 3 Mile Drive before the sun started to set. 

^^ how cute are these baby feet?? this must be the picture of a perfect afternoon! ^^

^^ remember when I did her maternity photos?? That was July 205! It’s crazy how fast time flies by! ^^

3 // You know how I mentioned Bjorn was running for mayor of our town? Well, friends, he won!! I’m married to a mayor! Does that make me the “first lady” of this town? 🙂 We had some relatives over one weekend before Election Day and they helped immensely in campaigning all around town! I was “home base” and kept busy continuously printing out more “Vote Bjorn Olson” flyers at home, and I’d hop in the truck to run more flyers to people when they ran out! I’m really proud of Bjorn and excited to see the difference he can make around here. He has great ideas!


4 // I’m trying to plan ahead a lot better for Christmas gifts this year. It’s not that I think of gifts for people last minute — I actually do have a note on my phone that I keep for gift ideas all year long — but I want to actually get most of the shopping/ordering done ASAP! My goal was originally to get all my shopping done by Thanksgiving…we’ll see if I can get that accomplished! 🙂

When I was visiting my parents, I stopped by Target and loaded up on many different sized Christmas gift bags, labels, and tissue paper…all from their dollar section! Granted, some of the tissue paper was $3, but I am just so excited that I got all of our Christmas gift-wrapping materials in one stop! Now when we’ve got gifts laying around our house, we can go ahead and wrap them so we’re ready for December!

5 // The 2nd graders have been so funny/sweet lately! I just love the insights and perspectives of the 8-year-olds I get to teach every day. They want to engage with deeper topics, but they’re still so young! Of course, maturity varies (as it does with anyone of any age, haha!), but when I went to pick up one of my small groups from their classroom the other day, the sweetest little girl said to me out of the blue, “How are you doing today, Mrs. Olson?” It just floors me how sweet they can be! But the photo below is just a typical funny quote that I shared on my Instagram Stories 😉


6 // We got our school pictures taken! Teachers have the joy of getting school photos taken every single year, haha. I calculated that this is my 21st year of getting school pictures. Sometimes I feel like I still look like a high schooler and I’m almost 26…but that’s okay! It’ll pay off decades from now! 🙂


7 // Rodan + Fields has already been such a blessing. I am so grateful to those of you who have supported my business endeavor this way! It means a lot to me, and I’m thrilled to be promoting a company that I love! I am a huge fan of my R+F products! 

I am currently gathering orders for a bulk order right now! What this is, is a way for you to try one or two R+F products WITHOUT having to pay for shipping or taxes — those will be on me! Also, there is no stress of having to decide about being a Preferred Customer or not.


If you’ve been eyeing a couple R+F products (my favorites are the Redefine daily face mask, the eye cream, and the daily body moisturizer), then this is your chance to try them and get them for a great price! I’m currently charging just the retail price (and I’m even knocking a couple bucks off of that!). You’ll just pay me the retail price via PayPal and I’ll ship the product/s to you! 

Is this bulk order option something you’d be interested in? It’s a good way to save money since you’re not paying shipping or taxes and that way you can try out the R+F products you’re interested in 🙂 Just let me know! Email me at and I’d be happy to answer questions about pricing or count you in!

If you’re interested, please let me know BY THE END OF THIS WEEK! I’m looking to get a few more people on this bulk order before placing it! 

Have a wonderful week, friends!



  1. Hi, Hannah! I have a (baby) faith and lifestyle blog too, and found you in my searching for others! I’ve only been here a moment but love your blog already! Your photos of the harvest are so neat and congrats on your husband’s recent win! I hope your family is having a lovely holiday season.

    1. Hi Emily! Thanks so much for your sweet comment! I hope you’re having a nice Thanksgiving weekend! I’m so glad you like my blog 🙂 It’s great to have you here! 🙂

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