Leaf collecting.


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When we were little, Mom used to take us kids outside to make “nature bracelets.” We’d each get a loop of masking tape on our wrist, with the sticky side out – the perfect blank canvas for us to decorate with whatever little grass pieces or leaves we thought were especially pretty.


It was such a fun little activity! I’d love to continue it with my own little ones someday…it really filled us with wonder and appreciation for what God made…even if we were collecting random tiny twigs, dead leaves, or even dirt 🙂


Today, I was filled with that same sense of little-kid awe. Instead of running out of the house with masking tape around my wrist, I dashed outside with a camera around my neck to collect whatever I could of the stunning fall colors.



The rich jewel tones will be gone before we know it. It’s too bad that this stunning time of year is fleeting, but maybe it makes us appreciate this season that much more! So even though I was running late this morning as a result of some backyard leaf collecting, it was totally worth it. 🙂

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  1. SO pretty!
    These colors are incredibly vibrant!
    And the leaf bracelet idea definitely sounds like something I would want to do with my kiddos someday!

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