Kidizen: My New Favorite App (+ a Promo Code for you!)


Thank you, Kidizen, for sponsoring this post! (As always, I only share products/companies I truly love! For instance, I loved Kidizen before this collaboration came about!)

If you’ve read my past posts about sites like ThredUp, then you know my excitement level regarding secondhand clothing! In the past, I never wanted items that were considered “used,” which sounds so silly to me now. If something has been gently used or worn before you, and is washed and clean (and it’s your size!), then what’s not to love about it?!

When it comes to finding secondhand items, the price is my favorite part. I love snagging a good deal. That’s why I need to tell you about Kidizen. (And I have 5 free dollars for you to spend at the end of this post!) I’ve enjoyed my ordering process and my products from Kidizen way too much to not share it with you!

What Is Kidizen?

Kidizen is a free app! (Before this, I had never shopped using an app before!) More specifically, it’s a parent-to-parent marketplace where you can buy and sell kids’ clothing as well as toys, books, and other gear.

The company was founded by two moms, Mary and Dori, who are passionate about raising kids well and making a difference in the world. It’s a great platform for building community, too. It’s been nice to exchange messages in my account’s inbox with fellow moms and wish them well with their babies, etc.

I’ll explain more later on, but Kidizen operates with a lot of great filters so that you can really specify what you’re looking for. For example, I found a Halo baby sleepsack on Kidizen that I had been wanting! That involved a specific search and I was able to find one in the infant size I wanted! Besides lots of cute clothing, I’ve also been able to search for and find boots for our baby girl, changing pad covers, and a lovey blanket.

WANT TO LEARN MORE? Check out my video, where I walk you step-by-step through my whole shopping process using the Kidizen app! 

How Do I Use Kidizen?

I’ve personally found Kidizen really easy to navigate. I’ll walk you through the searching/ordering process so you can see how it works!

When you open up the app and select the “Shop” tab at the bottom, you’ll see everything that’s currently listed! That can be overwhelming, so the next step is to filter and search. (To start filtering results, you’ll select the blue “Filter” circle you see in the bottom right corner area.)

Now you can select a Category (I usually pick clothing, since I’m not currently looking for lots of toys for our baby girl). You can then select the Gender, Size (this is so helpful!!), Brand (like “Carter’s” if you want), and more. There are more filtering options if you scroll down a bit.

I like to use an additional filter further down called “Condition” because then I can select “New With Tag” (see? it’s not ALL secondhand, even!), “New Without Tag,” “Excellent,” “Very Good,” and so on, down the line.

The thing about baby clothes is that so many babies outgrow clothes after wearing them only a couple times (or even before they can wear a certain outfit!) so it’s easy to find some lovely pieces that have barely been worn! The moms listing the items generally let you know in their item description how much they used a particular piece, as well. And you can comment and ask them questions about it.

The above screen is an example of the messaging system. You can communicate very easily with shop owners in your Inbox! (They often message me a “thanks for the order” as well.)

Applying your specific filters really helps narrow down your results to exactly what you’re looking for! You can narrow results even more by using the Search bar at the top to type something in like “hoodie.” In the photo above, I have found a 0-3 month hoodie.

This is then where you can click “Add to Cart.”

Something important and AWESOME to note is that shipping is included in the item price you see listed. So that $9.25 price in the photo above is really, actually the total price. (Don’t you hate being surprised by high shipping costs? I do! That’s partly why I love this app so much.)

This is what your Cart looks like. Once your credit card info is saved in the app (which you set up when you sign up with the app), it’s super easy. My screen shows here that I’ve got the Grey Hoodie from the shop called “Luna Star” in my Cart, and all I have to do is select “Proceed to Checkout,” where I just confirm I’m placing the order, and that’s it!

** Shops often have a “Shop Discount,” as you’ll see here. Luna Star is offering a 5% discount, but many shops offer a discount like a 10% discount if you purchase 2 items from them.

** You’ll also see that I have $2.50 being deducted as “Kid Bucks.” Kid Bucks are actually what YOU will get at the end of this post! I have $5 free Kid Bucks for you! That’ll take a good chunk of change out of your total price! You can earn Kid Bucks through referrals, and they get automatically applied to your purchases.

There you go! That’s how you order something on Kidizen! I’ve found that the items I’ve ordered arrive in the mail quite quickly – usually within a few days for me. And if you know exactly what you’re searching for, this entire ordering process only takes a minute or two! (But the app sure is fun to scroll through just for the heck of it, too!)

Some of the Items I’ve Purchased:

I want to share a few of the super cute items I’ve gotten off of Kidizen for our baby girl – they are just too sweet! (And you’ll notice that they are nice quality, too!)

^^ H&M 0-3 Month Deer Onesie, Excellent Used Condition ^^

^^ Old Navy 0-3 Month Old Navy Romper, Very Good Used Condition ^^

^^ Old Navy 0-3 Month Hoodie, Very Good Used Condition ^^

^^ 2-Piece Gymboree Outfit for fall, 0-3 Months, listed as Good Used Condition because of “wash wear” but it looks so nice in person, I can’t even tell. ^^

Free $5 For You To Spend!

Now it’s time for some free money! πŸ˜‰ I’m excited to give you $5 to spend at Kidizen! That’ll discount a good portion of your order!

Here’s my referral code – sign up with the free Kidizen app using this link, and you’ll get $5 credit on Kidizen! Yay! Enjoy!

You can also use the link below, or my invite code: mhf3p.

PS – this referral code + link are still valid, even if you’re finding this blog post years later!

WANT TO LEARN MORE? Check out my video, where I walk you step-by-step through my whole shopping process using the Kidizen app!

Have you heard of Kidizen before? What baby or kids’ items are you currently looking for? I bet Kidizen can help you out! πŸ™‚