How To Make ANY Day Feel Like Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! In honor of this lovey-dovey holiday, I’m bringing back a post from the archives — because any day can feel like Valentine’s Day with the ones you love!

Most people get quite excited about Valentine’s Day. It’s a happy, cheerful, fun holiday, without a whole lot of stress – and one that focuses on spending time with loved ones and enjoying special treats! 🙂 I’ve never been all that obsessed with it, but I certainly love the opportunity to bake fun goodies and celebrate my relationship with my husband!


Why should we select just one day of the year to be grateful for our loved ones, or one day to treat each other especially well? I want to act in loving and thoughtful ways towards my husband every day of the year! Here’s how.

How to Make Any Day Feel Like Valentine's Day - Just Bee Blog

4 Ways to Make Any Day Feel Like Valentine’s Day:

1 // Take the time to really see and cherish your loved one. Sit down, notice them, really take in who they are as a person. This happens to me somedays, when I find myself just sitting there, watching my husband as he talks or does a task around the house. I just love reminding myself who this man is I’m married to, and what I love about him.

2 // Talk about the heart things. You know how dates used to go? You’d have long, engaged conversations about countless topics – but especially, you wanted to know what was on the other person’s heart. That’s something we can and should continue to do every day! So, look them in the eye. Validate their feelings and thoughts. Make your significant other feel truly cared about!

3 // Make fun treats! Did you think I’d overlook this part of Valentine’s Day celebrations? 🙂 I love the excuse to bake unique or special baked goods. Whether it’s a fun trail mix with ingredients you know your significant other enjoys, or a more decadent cake, take the time to pull together something special!

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4 // Schedule in a little date time. And honestly, a date can be anything. We love meandering the aisles at Barnes & Noble, dreaming about building our future home together, or watching a new movie or documentary on Netflix. My parents (like I talked about in this post) inspire date creativity in me because they even love to go on Home Depot dates together! 🙂 Anything, any outing, or any special time set aside to just be together, can be considered a date! Be intentional! Budgeting your time for each other can make a huge difference in your relationship.

How do you inspire this festive type of romance in your day-to-day life? What little things do you do to make a day feel extra special?



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