5 Simple Ways to Incorporate Relaxation Into Your Busy Schedule

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Relaxation tends to be one of the things that eludes us most in life. It can be either our circumstances or our choices that lead to us feeling constantly frazzled! Sometimes, it’s just how life is – it may not be your fault – but you feel desperate for a sense of peace or rejuvenation. Other times, you’ve chosen to stay busy. And that’s fine, too!

But, whether we want to relax or not, that need will come knocking on our door soon enough. This is closely related to spending time alone, like I touched on in my post about savoring solitude… but sometimes, life is crazy, the kiddos are calling your name, the phone is ringing, or there’s a deadline to meet! We don’t all have time to make an appointment for a weekly massage! How can you incorporate that elusive relaxation factor into your busy schedule?

5 Simple Ways to Incorporate Relaxation Into Your Busy Schedule - Just Bee Blog

5 Simple Ways to Incorporate Relaxation Into Your Busy Life:

1 // Play low-key music. You can do this practically anywhere! Play music at work, while you’re prepping or working on a task. Turn it on at home, while you throw another load of laundry in or chop up an onion for supper. Crank it up in the car, as you travel between two elementary schools (that was the story of my life last year!). Music-playing can be so flexible! It really is at the heart of who I am (and who so many of us are). Music is so powerful in terms of the ebb and flow of our emotions throughout the day! I crafted a Spotify playlist of my favorite peaceful songs here.

2 // Don’t forget the little comforts. Even the smallest things can make a significant difference in your emotional approach to your day. A couple of my favorites? I’m currently wrapped up in a blanket, drinking a mug of hot chai tea. Other small comforts would include actions like using ambient lighting whenever possible, or using soothing lotion with a calming scent. A small lamp, rather than harsh lighting, or a cool cucumber-scented lotion could also help you incorporate a bit more relaxation into your day!


3 // Simplify your visual space. This is a cleaning rule that my mother introduced me to. Sometimes, we feel stressed or unable to relax because there is too much visually calling for our attention! This makes a lot of sense to me when I think about the current push for minimalism and simplicity in our lives. We crave that simplification sometimes! So, let’s maintain a clean workspace or main room! Do you have a cubicle at work that’s starting to feel like it’s closing in on you? Perhaps you can de-clutter it by keeping only the most important or necessary business cards, notepads, and photos on display. And while you’re at it, consider adding a peppy little succulent! It’ll add an extra spa-factor to your work area.

4 // Wear a surprisingly comfortable outfit! Maxi skirts are my favorite go-to comfortable outfit to wear to work, since they’re essentially yoga pants that I’m allowed to wear professionally. 🙂 This is why clothing stylists speak to the importance of feeling comfortable in your clothing – it will result in you having a happier, less uptight day!

5 // Reset yourself mentally. Use those moments over your lunch break to pray, journal, take deep breaths, or stretch. I relish those opportunities (however brief) in which I have a moment to focus on the big picture, or regain perspective in a difficult situation. Don’t forget to create those opportunities for yourself!

How do you strive to relax during the day, even when you feel consumed by a busy schedule?

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  1. Glad you mentioned the comfortable outfit! When I’m feeling blah, I put on my most comfortable outfit that I can to go to work. I ALWAYS start the day a bit earlier than I have to as well. It gives me 15-30 minutes to just enjoy the peace and quiet and mentally prepare for the busy day ahead without noise or other distractions getting in the way.

    1. YES! I love those comfy outfit days! It helps me feel more relaxed during the rest of the day. It’s so great that you do that too! And I bet that peace and quiet in the morning is really refreshing! 🙂

    1. Yes, exactly! I’ve found that if I’m not intentional about relaxing, I’ll go straight from the work day into more productivity demanded of myself (by myself) at home…and the same thing on the weekends! And it’s so important to have that time to reset!

    1. I agree, Laura! And I do often switch up my music based on the mood…my most frequent playlists are low-key and worship, though! 🙂 And James Taylor. 🙂 I love how you share about clothes you can be confident in on your blog!!

  2. These are great tips! I love that I can include relaxation into a day even when it’s full of chasing my little man around! <3

  3. I love the candle idea, too, Sierra! Thanks for the reminder! I’ve got a few around here that I should pull out! 🙂 And we can never go wrong with blankets and tea 🙂

  4. Yes! I totally love maxi skirts, too, Rebekah! 🙂 They are just like wearing pajamas to work. 😉 I think that dimming the lights really helps with relaxation, too! I’m so glad you liked this post – thanks for reading along!

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