My “Aha” Moment About Horseback Riding

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Today’s prompt for the Blog-tember Challenge at Brave Love Blog is: Just for fun, share your latest obsession. What can you not get enough of these days?

I think this one is a little obvious. 🙂 I began taking private horseback riding lessons back in August and I find myself thinking about horses so frequently now! I shared about my riding lessons in my recent “Currently” post and I’ve put a few horse-related pics up on Instagram as well. So why the obsession? What makes riding lessons my new favorite thing?

This is Bogey, my sis-in-law’s horse. I visit him at least once or twice a week! 🙂

I had a riding lesson on Tuesday after work, and I have to say, I was a completely different person on the drive home from my lesson than I was on the way there. So naturally, when I noticed this, I had to sort it out. Why did I feel so calm, so joyful? I felt as though I was finally breathing deeply – filled with a kind of peace and confidence that I hadn’t felt in a long time.

Here’s what I slowly realized (and I’m going to get rather honest here): I feel most anxious when I do not feel in control. And when I feel like I’m not in control of my circumstances, I struggle to trust and have confidence that things in life will turn out okay. (Can you tell what God’s been working with me on lately? 🙂 )

Enter horseback riding!

Duke, the horse I've ridden the most during my lessons.
Duke, the horse I’ve ridden the most during my lessons. He is so beautiful.

Riding allows me the opportunity to come into contact with such a majestic, large, powerful, noble creature. Horses are strong animals – there’s no question about whether or not they have the strength to do whatever they want. But they are also humble. The fact that God created such powerful creatures, that man could still lead and direct, is absolutely incredible. During my lesson on Tuesday, I got to spend time riding bareback (walking & trotting), in order to really get familiar with the horse’s movement, and to practice my posture. It was utterly amazing.

On a dirt road ride for one of my lessons!
On a dirt road ride for one of my lessons!

Words can’t truly describe the feeling of riding – and especially riding bareback. As the lesson went on, I felt so in tune with the horse’s warmth, motion, and power – yet I was leading and I was in control. And that’s what made all the difference. Being able to gently but firmly assert my authority and leadership over such a large, powerful animal brought about a powerful shift in my confidence. When I first started lessons, I signed up because I love being a lifelong learner and I thought horses were amazing creatures. Little did I know that way more would change about me than just my riding posture and ability to saddle a horse. I am so grateful for the changes I have seen in myself because of horseback riding, and I am so thankful for the opportunity that I have to learn about these incredible animals God created.

Riding Bogey, about 3 years ago.
Riding Bogey, about 3 years ago.

What activities in your life have brought you greater confidence??


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  1. I love love love horseback riding, so glad you’ve gotten into it! I have a 11 year old quarter horse (who’s actually a pony… but shhh don’t tell her) She’s been mine for about a year now and it’s the bet thing ever. They’re such amazing animals and I’m so glad you’re enjoying them so much!

    1. That is so much fun, Sammy!! Haha – I won’t tell her. 🙂 Ponies have such fun personality, too! It is so great that you have a horse of your own! Yes, every lesson I have and every time I visit my sis-in-law’s horses, I am reminded of how amazing horses are. 🙂

  2. I don’t go horseback riding often, but I have a friend who has horses so when I visit her it’s one of my favorite things to do. The first time I went horseback riding I was surprised by how calming it was once I got used to sitting on something that was moving. Horses are so awesome. I love being around them.

    1. Yes!! They are really so calming – after you get used to the moving and the fact that they are so large! 🙂 I was nervous about that at first, but they are marvelous creatures! I am glad you have the opportunity to visit your friend and her horses now and then! That is so special!

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