Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!


Happy Mother’s Day!!

I wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you! For all the prayers you’ve prayed on your knees for us. For all the games we’ve played and outings and crafts we got to do when I was young. For all those late nights staying up to see me come home safe, whether it was to hear about my night with friends or help me take bobby pins out after prom. For those difficult conversations and heartfelt talks that needed to be had. For setting things down and listening to me when there were other things you needed to get done. For countless meals made, and even snacks delivered to me as I cranked away on homework. For those stress-filled move-in days at college when you crawled around on an insanely high dorm bunk bed just to make the bed for me! For those long phone calls, interesting newspaper clippings, and wisdom shared when I called for your advice. For disciplining me when it took courage and when I was resistant. For raising me to be an intelligent, thoughtful, kind woman. For demonstrating to me what a beautiful marriage and a heartfelt faith look like. For being one of my very best friends.



There is so, so much more that you’ve done for me over these 25 years – perhaps things I never even knew about. I don’t think one day is enough to express my gratitude for your self-sacrificial love, so I want to let my actions and words over time show you just how grateful I continually am!

I love you!