Happy Anniversary, Bjorn!!


Happy 4th anniversary to the best husband I ever could’ve asked for!!

Photos in this post are all by Carissa Christine!

As a teenager, I spent countless evenings on my knees, praying for “FH” (what I called my future husband) – praying that God would lead us to each other, and praying for our future marriage. I couldn’t wait to meet him. I didn’t know how, or where, but I knew it would be a beautiful, special relationship. I had my heart set on marrying my best friend, and I prayed for him daily. I just didn’t know who he was yet.

I wrote him letters, too. I wrote a whole packet of letters, starting in 9th grade and continuing on through the first year or two of college. (You can read more about this story here.) A few people knew about these letters to FH, but Bjorn didn’t know. He didn’t know I had been writing him all those years. I waited until we were engaged to give him all of my saved FH letters. To this day, that evening when Bjorn first got to read the “FH letters” remains forefront in our minds as one of our most tender, special memories yet.

Anyway, all this is to say that I waited, and prayed, and ached, and hoped for the man that God had designed specifically for me! I wanted to fall in love with and marry my best friend. Luckily, so did Bjorn!

Our college years are full of happy memories – of time spent just as friends, then that one evening he spontaneously kissed me (thank goodness!), then fun times as a dating couple… We’ve had so many adventures over the years.

And now we’ve been married – married! – for 4 whole years! Can you believe it? Time really does fly. Married life became our new normal. Something to be grateful for, and something to not take for granted.

I’m more myself with Bjorn than I am with any other person. He is my closest confidant and my best friend. He is the most handsome, thoughtful, brilliant, hard-working man I’ve ever met. He gives the best bear hugs. He shares my sense of humor. We can be goofy together, and we can have incredibly deep heart-to-hearts… We love traveling the world together, but we’re just as content spending time together at home. We love being lifelong learners together. And, most recently, we embarked on the adventure of parenthood together (and upon meeting Sophie, both of our hearts just about burst!!). He is the best daddy that our little girl could ever hope for.

I’m so, so glad that God picked Bjorn for me and me for him. What a fulfillment of all those long-ago prayers.

Bjorn, I am more grateful for you than words can say. And I’m just as in love with you now, if not more so, as I was back on that cold, sunny day in March 2014. Thank you for choosing me daily, and for doing this marriage thing with me. I’ll love you forever, Bear.


(PS – You can watch our wedding trailer video HERE with the password love)