Guest Room Wifi Password Card (a free printable!)

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Setting up our guest bedroom here in our rental home has been one of my favorite projects yet!

We really enjoy hosting friends and relatives overnight – not only is the conversation and company fun for Bjorn and me, but we also like knowing that people have a peaceful, inviting place to sleep when they’re in town!

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Since we’re currently renting, I didn’t paint the room or do anything major to it, but I just chose the smallest of the 3 bedrooms upstairs and focused on making it cozy and homey. Things like white bedding, mellow lighting, fluffy towels, and a basket of breakfast bars and water bottles contribute to the overall “peace factor” of our guest room.

I wanted the room to remind me (or others) of relaxing Airbnb rooms we’ve stayed in – quiet rooms with all the essentials laid out and fresh bedding on the bed.

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I’ve realized more recently, though, that one thing was missing from our guest room: a wifi password displayed so our guests can use the Internet! So, I decided to design my own wifi password card that we can put in our guest bedroom…and I am making it available to you as well!

All you have to do is print it out, mount it on some cardstock or cardboard if you’d like, and then write your family’s Internet password on it!

You can download the PDF for the card here or by clicking on the preview image below.

What elements do you like to make sure your guest bedroom has? 

PS – if you’re excited about setting up a clean, cozy guest room, be sure you download my guest room readiness checklist!


  1. I love that wi-fi card! We don’t have a guest room, but I think I will have to print and display that…. since I always feel like a goober saying the password out loud. It makes NO sense since it’s one of those random passwords!

    1. Haha, I know what you mean! Ours is pretty silly that way, too! You could always just print it and display it near your Wifi router, too!

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