Gift Guide For The Lifelong Learner


Something you may have learned pretty early on while reading this blog is that Bjorn and I are lifelong learners. We actually really like that label. We love the fact that we can keep on learning and pursuing new hobbies and skills for the rest of our lives! 

We joke that even though it’s just the two of us in this house for now, our hobbies sure take up a lot of room. We know we’d have a heck of a lot less stuff around here if we weren’t interested in anything and had no other hobbies or interests other than our jobs. 🙂 

There’s a huge fish tank in our living room, and a record player, and books about history or the Amish or psychology or farming or Christian living or Southern architecture or nutrition or several Bible translations laying throughout every room! (Now, with Bjorn currently working on his masters, I would like to say it seems we have more history books laying about lately, but in reality, I think they’re all books he’d own and love anyway, even if he didn’t have to check them out from local libraries.) 🙂

We have a chainmail making station downstairs, my crocheting projects upstairs, and unique cookbooks and camera accessories and countless historical/classical/acoustic records. On our computers, we’ve bookmarked things like TED Talks, travel sites, interesting documentaries, photography and photo editing webinars, and strategic battle games for him and everything blogging-related for me.

Whew! It’s a lot. And now that I read this back, it sounds like we’re hoarders too. 😉 Luckily, one of my interests is cleaning and organizing! 🙂 But in reality, we’ve just plain got a lot of different interests. Bjorn and I love to learn and to stretch our brains, so why not pick up that new book on that battle or this personality theory from Barnes & Noble? 

Another aspect of it is we feel that since God gave us this one life and this one brain, let’s honor Him by stretching, using, and utilizing it to the best of our ability!


Do you have lifelong learners in your life? Maybe you’re one of us, too! 

When people have such varied interests or hobbies, it can be difficult for you to shop for them each holiday season. You find yourself wondering if they already own something, or you hope that the new thing you picked out for them really is up their alley.

Well, although lifelong learners are often people with a wide array of interests, I wanted to compile a few ideas to help you out this year! Most of these are pretty versatile, meaning, you can give them to different people regardless of their particular interests. Of course, it’s always special to get them something for Christmas that has to do with a specific hobby — but, if you’re feeling stumped or you just want a more “flexible” gift idea, I’ve got you covered!

Christmas Gift Ideas For The Lifelong Learner In Your Life:

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1 // Slim Notebook from 1 Canoe 2. I love this company so much!!! I bought a gorgeous 2016-2017 planner from them this summer and although I am really picky about planners, this one has been an absolute dream! I have never encountered a planner as beautiful and as useful as this one. I know that if their planners are so amazing, then their notebooks are bound to be pretty awesome as well. 🙂 This gift is perfect for the lifelong learner in your life. My husband and I each have notebooks around the house that are important to us because we use them to write down important facts we learn or notes we take while reading or watching a webinar. A handy dandy (and classy) notebook like this will be something your loved one reaches for over and over!

2 // A wood watch from Jord. You may be surprised that I put this in the lifelong learner category, but these watches are both fascinating and practical! They are the perfect unique gift idea and this specific one that my husband got is really interesting in that you can watch the gears work inside! I wrote more about Jord watches in this post this week…and the fun news is, there’s still a giveaway going on for you to win $75 to Jord! (And ALL entrants automatically get $20 to Jord just for entering!) So definitely think about those lifelong learners in your life and enter the giveaway here!

3 // A book of the month club. Chances are, the lifelong learner you know also loves to read! (It just happens to be a really good way to learn a lot of stuff!) 🙂 So why not get them exposed to some fun new topics and literature via a fun subscription service? 

4 // A conversation-starter coffee table book. I love travel ones like this book: Destinations of a Lifetime: 225 of the World’s Most Amazing Places

5 // An experience. This is one of the coolest gift-giving philosophies out there! Instead of a physical gift, consider a card saying you will take them to that awesome indoor rock-climbing place they’ve been talking about. Or how about laser tag, or a day at a museum or a play? The options are endless and the plus side is, when you head out on a new adventure with your loved one as part of their gift, you get to enjoy learning new things, too!

6 // An iTunes or Gift Card. This one may seem like “too easy” of a choice, but believe me, it will be very much appreciated! You’ll save your loved one money when it comes to buying music, books, or supplies for their hobbies!

What type of gifts do you like to buy for the lifelong learners in your life?



  1. Such great ideas! My boyfriend and I are always finding ourselves investing in a new hobby so I totally understand the struggle. I’ll have to take into consideration these gifts.

  2. These are awesome ideas! I am definitely a lifelong learner and would love any of these. I’m especially a sucker for pretty notebooks and fresh planners — and Christmas is a great time of year for a new planner!

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