Gift Guide For The Foodie


Are You a Foodie? Or Do You Know One? 

I’m not sure if Bjorn and I truly classify as “foodies,” but I’d say in some respects, we’re well on our way! 🙂 

One of our favorite meals to put together for a fancier evening is a charcuterie board (I LOVE this post about how to put together the best one!).

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We love chopping up vegetables or sautéing onions in the kitchen together. I love looking up new, ambitious recipes and Bjorn is good at using what we have in our cupboards in creative ways.

My husband and I are also big fans of hosting. I think that although hospitality and being a foodie are two different things, they are still quite intertwined! 

Even though Bjorn and I aren’t the most extreme foodies, we sure do appreciate food: the recipes, the preparation, the creativity, the plating, and, of course, sharing it with others!

I know there are many other people like us out there – people who love food and want to prepare and serve it well! So today I wanted to share another holiday gift guide…for the foodie in your life!


Christmas Gift Ideas For The Foodie In Your Life:

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1 // Lekue Macaron Kit. Macarons are pretty much the picture of elegant, high-class desserts. These beautiful little pastries are popping up everywhere! My sister-in-law, Signe, and I enjoyed sharing an extra big macaron on the back steps of the Palace of Versailles this summer — macarons are definitely what I picture when I think of fancy, French food! Now the foodie in your life can make these lovely treats themselves, using this great kit! And who knows, maybe they’ll invite you over for a macaron or two. 🙂

2 // 4 Piece Stainless Steel Cheese Knife Set. Bjorn and I received a beautiful cheese knife from his mother last year and we love it! Since we’re huge fans of cheese (and sometimes fancier varieties of cheese, at that), we’ve realized that not all cheese does well being cut by a plain old serrated knife! The foodie in your life will really appreciate this set of 4 cheese knives and spreaders because now they will have the perfect utensils to use regardless of the type of cheese in front of them! 

3 // Flour sack Kitchen Towel With Teacup Print. At our house, we have both a regular kitchen towel (to dry hands with) and a flour sack towel, which we use to dry dishes with. Flour sack towels are great because they are gentler on dishes and personally, I feel they dry them really well, as opposed to a more acrylic or typical towel with fancy dyes or print on it. This towel is my absolute favorite!! I have several (they’re not that expensive) and rotate between them. The light gray teacups give the towel a fresh, airy feel.

4 // Sur La Table Set of 3 Rectangular Platters. Until I had my own kitchen and house to take care of, I didn’t realize the need I had for a platter. But more and more, I am grateful for the couple different plain white ceramic platters we own. When guests come over, it’s much more fun (and classy) to display the prepared food on a platter than have guests dish themselves up back in the kitchen. And white is such a forgiving, perfect color. It goes well with any color or type of food! Whoever you buy this for this Christmas will really appreciate this set of 3 rectangular platters!

5 // Casina Rossa Gourmet Sea Salt Gift Pack. It’s funny how something so simple sounding as salt can make the perfect, elegant gift for a food-lover! Even the tiniest bit of salt adds so much to a recipe. This gourmet sea salt gift pack of 6 jars is so cute and unique, because the salts featured are flavors like Fennel & Salt or Truffle & Salt…the perfect gift for someone who likes to elevate their dining experience to the next level!

6 // Wusthof Precision Edge Knife Sharpener. Chances are, the foodie in your life already has a few knives in their kitchen, and nice knives at that (although in my opinion, an additional nice chef’s knife is always welcome!). But do they have a nice sharpener? I think sharpeners tend to get overlooked. My mom has this model and loves it. And the Wusthof brand is a nice, respected brand in the knife world!

7 // The Kinfolk Table Cookbook. I ADORE this cookbook! It is so lovely. The recipes I’ve made from this cookbook have been delicious so far. And it is probably my favorite cookbook also because it is the perfect “coffee table book.”The Kinfolk Table” is a hardcover book full of beautiful pictures, wholesome recipes, and heartwarming stories of people’s lives around the world. If you’re a foodie, then you probably are the type of person who’d like to display a gorgeous cookbook even outside of the kitchen! 🙂 I actually like this book so much I gave another copy of it away a while back. 

8 // Seattle Chocolates 5 Bar Gift Box. There’s a really good chance that any food lover you know also appreciates chocolate! 🙂 Gourmet chocolates are always a great addition to a Christmas gift. This box is fun because it’s already wrapped in a cute way, and gives your loved one 5 different chocolate varieties to try!


Which goodies do you like to use in your own kitchen? What are you getting the foodies in your life this year?


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