Getting a Good Night’s Sleep with Nectar

Friends, I am so excited about today’s post! This is something that I’ve been looking forward to sharing for a long time!

Thank you to Nectar Sleep for sponsoring today’s post. As always, I only share products here that I actually use and do recommend!

As you know, Bjorn and I are the parents of a very sweet and very busy 2-year-old! Sophie is an incredible gift to us – we almost can’t handle how much we love her! 😉 I’ve been staying home with Sophie ever since she was born, and I’ll continue to be at home with our little boy, too, when he arrives in 3(!!) weeks.

I learned the hard way, unfortunately, of the weighty importance of taking care of myself well so that I can take care of Sophie well! I am the most present and energetic with Sophie (and the least anxious) when I’ve been implementing good habits with myself. The major aspects of self-care for me as a mom have been hydration, eating well, good mental habits, giving myself time to be creative, and…you guessed it: getting good sleep!

It may seem a bit ironic to be writing about sleep when we’re about to welcome a new baby and enter that sleep-deprived newborn season all over again, ha! But hear me out. While yes, full nights of sleep may not happen for a while, what’s also important is getting quality sleep when you can!

Even laying down to rest, or choosing to take it slow for a particular chink of time can be so valuable. Sophie made up a little song that she likes to sing around nap time: “Rest, and sleep, and rest, and sleep…” 🙂 Even if sleep is hard to come by during certain stages of life, there are still ways to lay down and rest your body!

I’m convinced that having a good quality mattress is very important (and wonderful) for parents, even if your sleep is getting interrupted during the night! Because it means that the sleep you ARE getting is deeper, more comfortable, more restorative – all because you just plain have a better bed!

I have spent most of this pregnancy (and all of my pregnancy with Sophie) on a “just okay” mattress. We liked our mattress at first – we bought it when we got married almost 6 years ago…but its quality greatly disintegrated over time. We ended up having what I called “caverns” carved out in the bed from where each of us slept. And it got to the point in this pregnancy where I was literally propping my belly up on the “side of the hill” whenever I turned over in these deep divots in our mattress. I was waking up with shoulder pain every single morning from crunching my chest as I laid on my side all night (a pregnancy necessity).

Enter Nectar.

I did my research – boy, did I ever! I asked you all for your mattress recommendations on Instagram, I watched mattress review videos, I searched popular and obscure brands on Google, I read reviews. And Nectar kept popping up as an amazing option. I reached out to them and was thrilled when they agreed to work with me.

We’ve been sleeping on our new Nectar Mattress for over a month now, and every night I am just as thrilled and excited to climb into bed as I was the first night! Bjorn’s been sleeping well, but he’s one of those people who basically always sleeps well. 🙂 So I’m going to be selfish for a minute and talk about me! 😉 I haven’t had any shoulder pain any more! I never feel like my ribcage is crunched sideways into the mattress; the Nectar mattress has the perfect balance of firmness and give. The temperature has been wonderful.

And I’ve been surprised and super pleased by something I didn’t expect: when Bjorn turns over or otherwise moves, the bed hardly bounces on my side at all!! I’m a good sleeper, generally, but also a light sleeper, so movement can wake me up. So I’m thrilled that our Nectar mattress absorbs so much of that! The only extra pillow I’ve needed by this point of pregnancy (37 weeks) is a knee pillow! This is so shocking to me, since at the end of my pregnancy with Sophie, I was sleeping with 4 pillows each night! I’m just this comfortable at night now – can you believe it?!

A little more about Nectar, so you know what kind of bed it is and what their philosophy is:

Nectar markets themselves as the last memory foam mattress you’ll have to buy! I know there can be some skepticism about memory foam, since it was developed so long ago and in a lot of cases, hasn’t really improved upon itself over time. However, Nectar Memory Foam includes not only an adaptive foam layer to provide mattress rebound/bounce, but it has a quilted gel memory foam that helps to control temperature (something that traditional, old memory foam isn’t great at), and it helps to disperse your weight evenly. Basically, it’s all really well thought-out. 🙂 And while there is a Nectar bed foundation you can buy, they let you know that their mattress actually works with any bed frame. We put ours on our current box spring bed frame.

This company offers a 365 day trial – incredible. And a forever warranty! As they describe it, “Yes, every Nectar mattress comes with a warranty that covers you as long as you own it.” Free shipping and free returns. I could go on. It’s also not even that expensive compared to other mattresses out there! Have I convinced you to try it yet?

Now that’s a fun thing to find on your front doorstep!!

The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress is one of those beds that gets delivered right to your door! It may sound crazy, and it almost seemed unbelievable to us despite all of the ads we’ve seen, but it was remarkably easy to open up and get situated! After you open the box, you open up the tight vacuum-sealed plastic and the bed puffs right up! It was glorious.

Bjorn loves it, Sophie loves it, and this tired, pregnant mama loves it. We highly recommend a Nectar Mattress – whether for yourself or in a guest bedroom. The Nectar Bed Reviews are definitely well-deserved. Even thinking about it now makes me want to climb back into bed!!

So, while we are about to enter a newborn season again that means much less sleep…I’m honestly entering it optimistically. Because I know that whatever sleep I do get will be on a lovely, high-quality, extremely comfortable bed! What you sleep on at night affects you more than you know. What a joy to find a bed that helps to improve your sleep and overall well-being!

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