February 2019 Favorites (food, beauty, baby, + more)

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It’s time to share February favorites! Like I mentioned in this post, I love favorites posts! And I always enjoy hearing what you’ve been loving lately, too – let me know down in the comments!

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February 2019 Favorites

*Some (but not all) of the links below are affiliate links. This means that if you use the link to purchase, I earn a tiny commission from it. Thank you so much for supporting Just Bee and for helping me keep the blog up and running!


Plan to Eat // I’ll list this here instead of in the Media/Technology category, since it’s so closely related to food! Plan to Eat is an online meal planning platform that allows you to store your favorite recipes, drag & drop them into a calendar, and then it generates a grocery shopping list for you! I’m relatively new to it (about 2 months in) but I’m a big fan. You can use this link to try it out! I started with their 30-day free trial and then opted to buy the 1-year subscription! One of my favorite things about Plan to Eat (besides the fact that a shopping list is instantly generated!) is that you can copy and paste the URL of any recipe you find online, and it’ll import that recipe’s ingredients and directions right into your recipe collection!

Icelandic style yogurt // I like to try new things, so when I saw that Icelandic style yogurt was on sale at the grocery store, I picked some up! I’ve tried a couple brands of it by now, but my favorite is probably Siggi’s. It’s not too sweet, but delicious nonetheless! And there is a ton of protein in it for just a little container! Sophie and Bjorn like it, too.

Lindt Lindor chocolate truffles // I mention these with a bit of hesitation, haha…because in February, I bought a big bag of them and consumed a TON of them in a very little amount of time. Too much sugar…So I’m actually on a self-imposed break from chocolate, currently 🙂 (Eating chocolate in the evenings doesn’t help me with anxiety.) But oh man, these are so good! Lindt’s Lindor truffles are by far my favorite kind of chocolate. They’re so smooth and the flavors are all so delicious.


Sorel boots // In the midst of all of our snowstorms, I started looking for even better winter boots. A fear of falling while holding Sophie is probably what spurred me on most in my boot search! I scored a pair of slightly used black Sorel boots on Poshmark. I’m so pleased with them! They’re sturdy, warm, and they’re not slick on the bottom like some other boots. I’ve heard great things about Sorel boots for years and I’m glad I finally made the jump and got a pair. I got the “Joan of Arctic” style, because our snowdrifts can be high around here and I wanted taller boots!

I’ve been enjoying doing a little shopping on Poshmark this past month. I love finding good deals, and the Sorel boots I got were way less than what they’re selling for on the Sorel site! Poshmark is a great place to find clothing, too!


MN 511 app // The perfect (and, I’d argue, necessary) free app to download during a long winter in Minnesota! I’m glad I finally downloaded this road conditions app. Since we live in a rural area, the blowing drifts coming off of all the fields can make driving really dangerous on our various county roads and highways. This app has been a great one to have. It gives me extra peace of mind if I’m going to be making a longer drive and I need to make sure the highways I’ll be using are clear.

Unfold app (specifically, the RP1 templates!) // I use the free Unfold app for most of my Instagram Stories. I just love the look of it so much! I went ahead and made the $1.99 purchase of some additional templates within the app – the set of templates called “RP1.” They give a ripped paper look and make visual storytelling so much more fun! I use them every single day. Totally worth the $2 to me. 🙂 I’ll pop a couple examples below. Either way, though, I highly recommend using Unfold for Instagram Stories. The standard templates they provide for free are great as well.

Follow me on Instagram to see more snippets of our daily life! I celebrate the small joys and any dreamy light I can find. 🙂


Tarte Shape Tape concealer // I use Tarte Shape Tape Concealer under my eyes. I tend to get dark circles under my eyes no matter how much sleep I get, but I think this undereye concealer is the best one yet! (I wish I’d had it years ago.) I don’t like concealer creasing under my eyes either, and this Shape Tape concealer creases the least out of any concealers I’ve tried! There’s definitely a reason people gush about Tarte Shape Tape! It’s pricier but it does work and you don’t need much. I use the little wand inside the concealer to swipe a little concealer under each eye (actually in vertical stripes), and then I use the pointed end of my blending sponge to work it in well. A little bit goes a long way!!

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Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water // I didn’t know much about this until my friend Emily got some when we were shopping together! I finally picked up a bottle this past month and I really like it! I use micellar water on cotton face pads to help remove my makeup and cleanse my face at the end of the day. What I like most about it is that it doesn’t involve as much scrubbing as some other ways of removing makeup!

^^ I wouldn’t say this photo is incredibly true-to-color…but at least it gives you an idea of the light pink. It’s a more sheer light pink. ^^

Essie Nail Polish in Mademoiselle // I love this light pink! I’ve tried a couple other light pink shades and they ended up looking too opaque or bright for my taste. This shade has been perfect! I think it’ll be great to wear in spring and summer. It stays on a long time, too.

^^ Sophie and me at the mall the other day. 🙂 You can see my curls in this photo – plus Sophie’s cute gray tennis shoes, which I’ll talk more about in the Baby & Kids category below! ^^

L’Ange Ondule 32 mm Hair Curling Wand // I’ve been curious about curling wands for a while and I finally bought one! I wasn’t sure what I thought of it at first, but as I’ve gotten used to how to curl my hair with it, I’ve become a big fan! It’s listed as about $54 on Amazon now, and about $120 on L’Ange’s site, but I got it during one of L’Ange’s sales for $29!!! I have the White Ondule 32 mm (1.25″) curling wand. The curls start out fairly tight, but I like that because I brush them out a little bit and then apply hairspray…and then the curls relax more by the end of the day, which is just fine with me. The wand comes with a special glove to wear so you don’t worry as much about burning your hand. I’m still learning, but right now it only takes me about 10-15 minutes to curl my hair in the morning before Sophie wakes up. Pretty workable! I’d definitely recommend L’Ange curling wands – you may want to get one on Amazon, or watch for a sale on L’Ange’s site!


IKEA kids’ table // I suppose this could be listed under the Baby & Kids category, but I’ll just add it here since I don’t really have anything else in the home category for this month. 🙂 Buying Sophie a little table and chairs from IKEA was such a good idea! Now she has the perfect happy corner by our dining room window, where she can sit and color or eat snacks! And it was only about $30! It’s not fancy, but it’s so cute and perfect for us. (And it wipes off quite well after crayon marks happen. 🙂 )


That’s Smart! Alphabet cookies // I was looking for some animal crackers for Sophie at Hy-Vee when I came across these! They’re made by the brand That’s Smart and they’re super simple, but they’ve been a fun snack for us. Each cookie is a square with a letter “carved” into it, just like the side of those wooden alphabet blocks! Sophie likes it when we find an “S for Sophie” 🙂

Sophie’s gray sparkle slip-on tennis shoes // These shoes are TOO CUTE! Sophie loves them, too. She’s worn them when we go on errands and to her early childhood classes. They’re still a touch big for her (even though I got size 4!) but they do stay on well with socks, which works just fine for us in the winter time! They’re comfortable for her and the bottoms aren’t too slick for walking. I personally love gray so that’s the color I picked, and I like the bit of sparkle they have. They go with a lot of outfits this way!

^^ Sophie’s vacuuming motions are so, so cute! PS – you can see the Sorel boots in the background, which I mentioned earlier. ^^

Kids’ Dyson Vacuum // Sophie LOVES to clean up and help me around the house, and I have a Dyson, so getting her the little kids’ version of a Dyson vacuum was so fun! She loves hers. And the children’s Dyson actually does have a tiny bit of real suction, haha. She really feels like she’s helping – but either way, she gets to match with me and be just like Mama! It’s so cute. The price on Amazon has fluctuated up and down a bit, so I actually got ours on eBay, but I’d still recommend watching Amazon for this vacuum anyway. I saw the price go back down again recently.

Zoobies Books // Did you guys grow up with Zoobooks?? Bjorn and I both did, and we loved how eye-catching and educational they were when we were kids. So Bjorn really wanted to get Sophie the younger version of Zoobooks – called Zoobies (for age 0-3). She loves the issues she has received so far! They’re smaller and a bit more sturdy (thicker glossy paper?) than the standard Zoobooks, and they’re full of cute drawings, photographs, and facts about various animals! Honestly, these Zoobies (or any of the other versions like Zootles or Zoobooks) make amazing gifts for the little ones in your life!

Those are my favorites from the month of February! I hope you enjoyed reading some of these recommendations. I sure loved sharing them with you! (In the meantime, I’ve been compiling a list on my phone of my current March favorites, so watch for that post coming next month!)

Do you use any of these products? I’d love to hear! What are your favorites from the past month? Any fun new discoveries?

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