My Favorite Rural + Nature Shots From Our Time In Belgium

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It was fun reminiscing about our great 2016 European adventure last week. (You can find our whole 2-week detailed itinerary HERE.) Since I shared my favorite rural photos from France, I also wanted to share nature shots from Belgium! 

I. Loved. Belgium.

There was just something about it. Of course, the landscape wasn’t that different from France’s, especially where we were — with our road-tripping, we were often straddling the line between France and Belgium anyway…but there was just something special about Belgium. 

The people we interacted with were very kind. The languages spoken there were fascinating, too. Signe and I spent an afternoon exploring Ypres together and we loved the food, the languages we heard people speaking, and the amazing architecture! 

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My Favorite Rural + Nature Shots From Near Waterloo, Belgium

When we first entered Belgium, we were driving from Verdun, France, and started our sightseeing with the Battle of Waterloo.

^^ This view from the top of the Lion’s Mound at Waterloo was incredible!! ^^

^^ The Hougoumont Farm, not far from the Waterloo Museum, was fascinating and surrounded by (not surprisingly) farm land! ^^

^^ I can’t skip over a poppy photo when talking about Belgium! ^^

My Favorite Rural + Nature Shots From Near Ypres, Belgium

^^ We stopped at an outdoor museum area at the back of a Belgian hotel…and they had sheep roaming around! ^^

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^^ We stopped for a little while near a quiet neighborhood one evening. There were some paths and a memorial to see, and I got distracted by the horses, poppies, and magical light. 🙂 ^^

^^ As we whizzed by fields in the country… ^^

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What rural places have you loved visiting around the world…or even in your own backyard?