Exploring the Grounds at Carnton Plantation


Exploring the Grounds at Carnton Plantation in Tennessee - Just Bee Blog

Today I’m excited to show you snapshots of another place Bjorn and I toured on our Tennessee road trip!

We spent time at the beautiful Carnton Plantation one afternoon. Carnton was built in 1826, and was used as a hospital for soldiers during the Battle of Franklin in the Civil War. The mansion is drenched in history and exudes such timeless grace. The grounds themselves are breathtaking! We also toured the inside of the house (which is so fun! Bjorn always sketches out the floor plan during the tour!) but the pictures I’m sharing with you today are of the gardens and the exterior.


^ The exterior looks lovely from here, but it only gets more impressive the closer you get! ^



^^ What a magnificent porch!! ^^











^^ This tree was actually at Carnton Plantation during the Civil War, witnessing the battle that took place there. ^^




Have you visited a historic plantation before? Do you have any historic sites to recommend to us? We’ll add ’em to the list! 🙂



  1. How cool is it when you come across plants/houses/landmarks that saw a completely different time before us?? I love the idea that a solider may have leaned against that exact tree on a hot southern day years ago. Too cool! Have you been to Williamsburg in VA? I love the governor’s palace and ground there!

    1. Yes! It is so cool! I love that you had that thought, too! It was crazy because Carnton had been used as a hospital so they showed us around inside…all the places the doctors had done surgery, etc.

      We haven’t been to Williamsburg, although maybe we should’ve! My husband and I lived in Virginia last summer for his army training so we did a ton of exploring but didn’t go there! That sounds so cool! I’ll have to put it on our travel list for sure! 🙂

  2. Can you share what time of year these photos were taken? We are planning our wedding for next year, and The Carnton is at the top of our list.

    1. Congrats on your upcoming wedding, Lauren!!! That is so exciting! We would have loved to get married at Carnton — it is just such a beautiful location, with so many beautiful little photo opp spots. We went in July 2015, I believe! I think you can follow Carnton Weddings on Instagram, too, to get a feel for how weddings look there! I’d love to hear if you end up having your wedding there!! So fun! 🙂 Let me know if you have other questions!

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