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Happy Tuesday, friends!

Today I’ve got a special, fun announcement: Just Bee now has an Etsy shop!!

This Etsy shop provides clients with prints of some of my favorite photographs. At its core, this shop was born out of my passion for capturing life’s little precious moments. As a blogger, I am constantly on the lookout for photographic inspiration – whether it’s a trip to the heart of Amish country or just the little things at home: the way light filters in through our upstairs window, the way my husband methodically slices vegetables in the afternoon light, the way our sheets curl as they flap in the breeze on the clothesline, the way the sunset hits the gravel road, the look of gentle joy and expectation in a friend’s maternity session. The list is absolutely endless! Life (and the human experience) is a grand adventure, evident even in all the details!

In celebration of my shop opening, I’m offering a 20% discount with the code HELLO at checkout! 

Thank you so much for following along, friends! I’m excited about this extension of my blog on Etsy – feel free to share the shop with family and friends, along with that discount code. 🙂 My hope for this shop is that you can experience the same joy and emotion in these photos that I do – and if you take one with you, may it bless you and inspire you as it hangs in your own home!



  1. Congrats! Your pictures are beautiful! I hope you have success with your shop! 🙂 Unfortunately I cannot buy one because I’m from Canada 🙁 But still, they are very pretty.

    1. Thank you, Marie-Pier!! I am very excited about it! I’m sorry you won’t be able to buy one but I had to limit shipping to start out with! 🙂 I’m touched that you like them!

    1. You are so sweet, Daisy!! Thank you so much for your support and encouragement! Yes, I’m really excited that I got it up and running this summer (it was on my list of summer goals 🙂 ) I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes!

    1. Thank you, Hayley!! I hope so, too – but either way, it’s a fun new endeavor to try..and we’ll just have to see where it goes! 🙂

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