Dressy OR Casual Maternity Style with PinkBlush (+ a promo code for you!)


If you’ve been following along with me on Instagram for a while now, then you know I’m a big fan of PinkBlush and their clothing! While PinkBlush does offer maternity AND non-maternity clothing, I first started purchasing PinkBlush items back when I was pregnant with Sophie, two summers ago.

Now that I’m pregnant again (this time, with our little guy!), I’ve found myself buying more maternity (or just plain bump-friendly) pieces once more. This is for two reasons: first, (because as I’ve learned over the years) I really do enjoy buying clothes and finding cute outfits…and second, because I am not the same size now that I was pregnant with Sophie. That’s perfectly fine with me! I’m grateful for what my body has been able to do; it’s no small feat carrying a child and bringing them into this world, not to mention the whole breastfeeding journey! Our bodies change over the years!

But what this has meant for me when it comes to this pregnancy is that I actually need new maternity clothes. I did try wearing some of my maternity jeans back from my pregnancy with Sophie (in 2017) and it was not a pleasant experience! I did this for at least a few weeks this pregnancy once my bump started to grow… but I was getting stomachaches, not to mention, I was getting irritable! Haha. It was time to pick out some new maternity options that fit my CURRENT body, not what it was in 2018 or 2017 or even 2016.

So, I turned to PinkBlush – one of my favorite places to get maternity clothes!

Thank you to PinkBlush for sponsoring today’s post. I received a couple items in exchange for this post. All opinions are, as always, my own!

When I was expecting Sophie in 2017, I was pretty sure PinkBlush was just for beautiful maternity dresses. (The “fancier” kind that you might wear for a maternity photoshoot or a baby shower.) While it IS true that PinkBlush has countless beautiful dresses and more dressy options, their casual wear has been a big favorite of mine this summer as well.

I saw this olive-colored twist hem shirt on the PinkBlush site and immediately knew I’d love it! And now that I’ve been incorporating it into my wardrobe, it’s true – I love it so much! This shirt is the perfect piece to use as the seasons transition. I’ve always loved the look of a knot or twist at the hem of a shirt (probably because I really hate when a shirt feels boxy on me), so it’s fun to see that style as a flattering maternity option as well!

I could see it working well as a postpartum piece, too! (The listing on the PinkBlush site shows the shirt on both a pregnant model and a non-pregnant model!)

Speaking of PinkBlush’s casual wear, I’ve also been wearing this black fitted v-neck shirt a lot this summer! It’s ruched on the sides. I don’t want all of my maternity pieces to have that typical maternity ruching, but it’s subtle enough in this black shirt, and in turn, it makes the shirt really flattering and able to grow with the baby bump! It also has a small v-neck, which I love. I love v-neck shirts so much, but I never like a really deep “v,” so this one has been perfect. If you’re looking for a basic shirt, definitely check this shirt out! It comes in many colors!

Another casual favorite is this charcoal long-sleeved active top. Love this one so much, because while it is long-sleeved, it’s a really lightweight shirt and super comfortable!!

PinkBlush is offering you a special 15% off discount with the code hannahbeeolson 🙂 (Code expires Sept. 20!)

Moving on to PinkBlush’s more dressy options…

They have so many beautiful dresses! It’s always hard to decide on just one. Luckily, by now I have multiple maternity dresses (mostly from PinkBlush) and with fun events coming up, like our friends’ wedding, it’ll be great to have pretty dresses to pick from!

This coral lace overlay dress is so pretty! I love the bright pink color. It’s so cheery and perfect for events in the spring and summer! This dress comes in multiple colors, too! Layers of lace are so flattering and fun when it comes to adding interest to an outfit. It’s hard for me to turn down a dress with pretty lace. 🙂

Promo code!

Again, PinkBlush is offering you a special 15% off discount with the code hannahbeeolson 🙂 (Code expires Sept. 20!)

Did you know PinkBlush has both maternity AND non-maternity clothing?? Do you tend to lean more towards casual wear or dressier options?Whatever you’re looking for, it’s fun to know it’s all available at PinkBlush!