DockATot: Transitioning from the Deluxe to the Grand


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You’ve probably heard me gush about Sophie’s DockATot, whether you follow me on Instagram or have been reading Sophie’s monthly updates here on the blog! It’s no doubt that our DockATot has been a big blessing for us these past few months. Today I’m excited to be sharing about transitioning between DockATot sizes as your child grows!

First off, let’s talk a bit about the DockATot before we get into the sizes – what it is, what its specifications are, and safe sleeping.

The DockATot

You’ve likely heard about this product already! It’s beautiful, first of all. It’s designed in Sweden and made in Europe. And it’s popular – with many moms out there championing the fact that their baby now sleeps 8 hours in it! 🙂 While Sophie has never slept a crazy long amount of time (on any sleeping surface!), I can attest to the fact that she does love her DockATot. She is actually sleeping in it right now for her nap as I write this post, since we are visiting my parents and the DockATot is so easy to throw in the truck when we head out of town.

The DockATot functions as a multi-functional lounger and co-sleeper…and it’s an ideal microclimate for babies and tots!

There are 2 sizes: the Deluxe+ for 0-8 Months, and the Grand for ages 9-36 months.

The DockATot is designed to recreate the safe-feeling environment of the womb…or at least they try to mimic the soothing, snug feel for babies! It’s been tested for breathability, is OEKO-TEX certified, and is 100% cotton. Besides resting in it, more recently it’s been fun for Sophie to do tummy time with her DockATot, using it to prop her up under her arms! 🙂

We have used Sophie’s Deluxe+ size DockATot for her to sleep in at night — in our case, it was especially for months 1-3. She also loves playing in it, of course! Originally, when she was brand-new, we only had her in her bassinet next to my side of the bed, but when she was around 1 month, we opted to have her sleep between us in bed in her DockATot. It worked out so very well! She did sleep more deeply, and it was easy for me to check on her throughout the night, without sitting all the way up and peering over into her bassinet. Instead, I could just roll to my side and be super close to her. But — we loved the fact that the sturdy bumpers on the sides of the Dock wouldn’t allow either Bjorn or me to roll onto her. She was safe and secure in her own little environment!

Eventually, Bjorn and I did want to reclaim our bed for ourselves (we have a queen size bed and having all 3 of us in a row did feel a little tight). 🙂 So, Sophie now sleeps in her bassinet in our room again. But boy, were we grateful to have the DockATot when she was a bit younger and we were all in need of sleep. We honestly felt Sophie just wanted to be “with her people” and just the fact that she was near us seemed to soothe her to sleep better.

** I feel the need to clarify something here: parents must be extremely careful when it comes to infant sleep. You have to do your own research using reputable sources, and then you and your spouse need to come to an agreement about what you feel is safest and therefore best for your child. It is ultimately up to you to determine which products you want in your home for your baby.

Now, all that being said, we are big fans of the DockATot over here! New parenthood is difficult enough, so it has been a reassurance to us to know Sophie is comfortable, content, and secure in her Dock.

The portability was also one of our favorite things about the DockATot. To go visit my parents or stay overnight at our friends’ for the weekend, all we had to do was toss the Dock into the truck and we had Sophie’s perfect sleeping arrangement all ready to go!

I’d like you to have some more resources in terms of safe sleeping habits, so definitely check out DockATot’s detailed notes on safe sleeping tips. You can also look up the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s site for more info.

So, that’s how we have used the DockATot Deluxe+ for our daughter! We love it! Now let’s chat about the next size up.

Transitioning to the DockATot Grand

Did you realize that they make a larger sized Dock?? I was thrilled when I learned this, considering our positive experience with the DockATot Deluxe+!

The Grand size Dock is a multitasking, stage 2 dock. This means that it functions as a great transition aid as your child moves to a bigger bed…or simply as they need more room. The Grand is for ages 9-36 months, or 22-40 lbs. Little ones can lounge, play, or rest in this Dock, and feel more snug when they’re transitioning to a larger sleeping surface! (The air-permeable sides feel like secure bedrails for the child!) Even though this Dock is definitely bigger than the Deluxe+ size, it is still portable and comes with a nice carrying handle on the side.

** Note: It is not recommended to use the Grand size for a child that does not yet meet those age or weight requirements. That’s why you don’t see Sophie in it quite yet. 🙂

I’m so excited for Sophie to transition to the DockATot Grand! It will still be a little while until she is ready for it, but I know it will be perfect for her: she loves to cuddle and feel secure as she rests and plays. I can already picture the quiet times spent cuddling and reading books in there! And it’s wonderful that she’s already accustomed to the feel of a DockATot with her Deluxe+ Dock.

It’s nice to know that Sophie has another DockATot option lined up for her as she continues to grow! It’ll be comforting for her to have something familiar to rest and lounge in for quiet times or play times, and it’s reassuring to me that she’ll be in a product I already love and trust.

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