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I am a huge stationery person! For Christmas wish lists growing up, I’d always request stationery. I went through a cat-lover phase before I became very much so a dog person and I recall owning an awesome stationery set with unique cat pictures on each card! When I was younger, I loved snail mail – and even if you didn’t know me all that well, you could still probably pick out stationery I would love to use.

I still love snail mail today! Opening up our P.O. Box and seeing a handwritten card addressed to me makes my heart jump with joy! I love writing cards and letters, too. There’s something so special about taking the time to sit down and pen your thoughts (rather than text them) – it really can make someone’s day and span the time or distance between you.


As the years have gone by, I’ve become a bit more particular in the types of stationery I choose to stock my desk with. (No more cat cards 😉 ) I am always a fan of companies or sites that go the extra mile and allow you to design or customize their stationery products yourself! I was thrilled when Basic Invite reached out to me and after trying out their customization system and thoroughly loving their site AND their products, I’m eager to share these lovely cards with you, friends!


Basic Invite is known for beautiful wedding invitations (and even baby shower invites/announcements), but there are so many options beyond that. They offer nearly unlimited colors for you to customize your products – and it’s not just selecting a certain color scheme! I fell even more in love with this company when I learned I could tweak the color of each little detail and element of a card! This really sets their site apart.

For this card, I could even tweak the color of the flowers, the flower buds, AND the stems!


Once you feel you’ve finalized your design, Basic Invite provides you with an accurate, beautiful instant preview! But if you need to print something especially important, such as wedding invites, and you want to truly know how your design will print on paper, Basic Invite will give you a printed paper sample as well!


I used Basic Invite to customize several varieties of fun thank-you cards, but Basic Invite offers awesome wedding invites and baby shower invitations, birth announcements, first birthday invitations, graduation announcements, and bar and bat mitzvah invites!



You’ll definitely want to turn to Basic Invite the next time you need stationery of any kind, for casual notes or for your important life events! Their endless customization options really open the door for your creativity and your special events to shine!

Now, just for you, friends, Basic Invite is giving you 15% off anything in the site with the code: 15FF51

🙂 Enjoy!



  1. These are so gorgeous!!! I’m definitely going to remember them next time I need to buy stationary! But first I need to use up the stuff I’ve got… 😉

    1. Ha! I know what you mean (I just bought a bigger bin for my stationery last weekend….) But yes, Basic Invite is so much fun! I’ll definitely be turning to them when I’m looking for great new customizable notes!

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