CURRENTLY: June 2016


I realized that my last “currently” post was back in April! I suppose I have been sharing some life updates with my email subscribers (you can join in on the fun here!) but I wanted to do a more detailed “currently” post on the blog. 🙂

As a fun little life update, here’s what I’m currently:

Watching: travel documentaries about Europe (I LOVE documentaries and our upcoming trip is the perfect excuse to look up more!). When Bjorn comes home at night from farming, I’m usually jumping up saying, “Guess what?! Did you know that in London…” 😉 Luckily I’m married to a fellow lifelong learner!

Eating: Thai red curry (I seriously can’t get enough of this recipe! Good thing Bjorn loves it too!), this cinnamon roll french toast bake, and this cajun chicken and sausage alfredo pasta.

Toby the farm dog is doing well – he’s an adorable puppy with a sweet disposition! And he’s growing up so fast! 🙂

Wearing: My Brass Clothing tee shirts, like all the time! 🙂 I bought the 3 tee shirts on this page and they are seriously workhorses in my wardrobe now. If you’re looking to build up a capsule wardrobe (or you just want soft, flattering shirts and dresses!) then I highly recommend Brass.

Listening to: the “Freakonomics” podcast. It’s addicting!! (See previous comment about being a lifelong learner!)

Reading: Oh boy. I’m juggling multiple books right now. Reading through “A Voice In The Wind” by Francine Rivers, and I’m also reading “Lost Women of the Bible,” “Wild & Free,” and “The Birth Order Book” when I have time. 🙂

I just love quiet rainy mornings like this one a couple weeks ago!!

Working on: my Powersheets from Lara Casey. I love these, and I’ve had my eye on her Powersheets for months. I waited until they were on sale to snag a 6-month pack! I’m eager to finish filling out my goals and aspirations, as well as map out steps to get there. 🙂

Feeling: sore and out of shape! 😉 I did a ballet/pilates type workout a couple days ago, which was super fun but tiring…and then we had a family reunion in which we cousins played an intense game of kickball! Now I’m sore all over, haha. Totally worth it, though. 🙂

Itineraries everywhere! 🙂

Also working on: our Europe itinerary for our trip this summer! I can’t even count how many hours I’ve spent planning our trip. At first I thought maybe 10 hours would be enough, but it’s added up to be way more! Luckily, it’s summer break for this teacher, and I’ve been able to focus on travel sites, buying tickets, studying city maps, and crafting very specific itineraries. Uffda. I’ve been trying to attack this planning in a detail-oriented way, so nothing slips through the cracks….while leaving flexibility in case some things change! That’s a difficult balance and I’m trying to hold onto this trip with loose hands. It’s been 8 whole years since I’ve been in Europe, so I’m eager to revisit some of the same places and try to soak it all in even better!

Now, it’s YOUR turn! What have you been up to lately, friends?




  1. I love the Birth Order Book. It comes in SO handy pretty much all the time, but definitely as a teacher. My parents are counselors and say that birth order is totally real and can definitely help explain some things! Sounds like you’ve had an awesome month!

    1. Yes!! The Birth Order Book is such an interesting read! It’s neat that your parents agree with it in terms of explaining some things! Thanks, Annie! It’s been a busy but good month!

  2. This is a great post! I can’t wait to hear about your European adventure. I absolutely love Europe and have been itching to go back! You’re going to have such a lovely time, especially since you’re taking the time to plan it so well. XO

    1. Thanks, Blair! 🙂 I am so excited for Europe…and I’m excited to share about it when we return, too! yes – my hope is that planning extensively will really help the trip go smoothly…even though things never go 100% according to plan!

  3. Where are you going in Europe? My husband and I are planning a trip to Scandinavia at the end of the summer and it is taking way more time than we though but it is so exciting!

    1. Hi Anna! Your trip to Scandinavia sounds so fun! Scandinavia is so pretty!! We are going to London, Paris, and then driving around France and Belgium to visit historic sites from WWI!

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